Sue Nicholls
Sue Nicholls

Established 23 November 1943, Sue Nicholls is an English actress known for her long-term role in the British coronation street soap opera as Audrey Roberts. Six years after the character debut in 1979, she had played Audrey repeatedly, joining the cast continuously in 1985. She received the 2000 British Soap Award for Best Comedy Performance, the 2003 UK Soap Award for Best Dramatic Performance, and the 1976–79 Crossroads for the Nicholls before Coronation Street. In the 1974 renaissance of the comedy London Guarantee, she appeared on Broadweg.


The native of Walsall, Staffordshire, Sue Nicholls. She received her training at St. Mary and St. Anne’s School (now known as the Abbots Bromley Girls’ School) and is a graduate from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.


First Marilyn Gates on Crossroads, Nicholls became popular, a role he played between 1964 and 1968. A song she sang for the first time on Where Will You Be?” was drawn up by the UK Singles Chart on 3 July 1968 and finally reached the 17th position.

The second single was less successful and Nicholls began a cabaret career and performed her solo show throughout the country. In a number of famous shows and pantomimes, she returned to the stage. She had two distinct stints in the 1970s abroad. In 1976, she toured America and Canada with the Royal Shakespeare Company in London Assurance and ended a six-week Broadway run in Vienna, where she performed between stripes at a nightclub.

In The Fall and Resurrection of Reginald Perrin (1976–79) and his series, the Legacy of Reginald Perrin (1996), Nadia Popov, in Rentsaghost, and Mrs.Muddle, in Pipkins she worked, among others, as Secretary, Joan Greengross (later Webster and Millbeck); (1973). Since April1979 and a permanent full-time character from 1985, she’s been appearing in Audrey on Coronation Street as a frequent guest.


Nicholls’ dad was Sir Harmar Nicholls, then Lord Harmar Nicholls, the former Conservative MP for Peterborough (1950-1974); and MEP for Greater Manchester South (1979-1984); then she was a life-style peer. Nicholls marries Mark Eden with whom she played the part of Alan Bradley for a while on Coronation Street.

Anna Bianconi-Moore, a nurse at Cambridge’s Addenbrooke’s Hospital in the department of dermatology, found a mole on Sue Nicholls’ shoulder while watching the episode in Coronation Street in 2011. In order to communicate its concerns, the nurse immediately contacted him via e-mail. Nicholls’ medical staff was seen at Coronation Street, and then a specialist in skin cancer where malignant melanoma was diagnosed. ITV called Bianconi-Moore after the mole had been operatively removed, and she was invited to meet Nicholls on Coronation Street.

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Everything you need to know about actress Sue Nicholls, aka Audrey Roberts

Discover Sue Nicholls who plays Audrey Roberts about Coronation Street star.

We’ve put together a little biography to tell you what you need to know about the Sue Nicholls, be it as Audrey Roberts on Coronation Street or recall her day in Crossroads.

The classic Corrie stars

You don’t know half of the cast – you are not alone when you look at Coronation Street! “I seem to know the people in Sainsbury’s my local area more than half of the current cast of ‘Coronation Street,’ Sue Nicholls acknowledged she’s not acquainted with all of the young actors.

“Ah the days of Pat Phoenix. Pat was so easy to work with. And there was Jean Alexander and Betty Driver. It was a lovely time.” She also spoke to the Daily Star about the times of work with the classic Corrie stars, including Pat Phoenix, who played Elsie Tanner.

Audrey Roberts Corrie clairvoyants

Earlier this year Sue loved to talk about her Corrie tale about simple visionaries as she claims to receive messages in her real life from beyond the grave. She is psychic, and she was glad that Audrey’s dead husband Alf Robert had a character named Rosemary, which transmits messages.

“I don’t go every day and it doesn’t take over my life, but I’ve had my palm read and I go to see these people, so this is a lovely storyline for me.” she said.

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Who is Sue Nicholls?

Sue is a UK actress that you’re going to know and love as feisty Coronation Street actress Audrey Roberts.

Where was Sue born?

She is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and was born in Walsall in Staffordshire in 1943.

How old is Sue Nicholls?

Sue is 76 years old at present

Coronation Street’s Audrey Roberts

Back in 1979, Sue entered the Corrie cast and has since become a favorite among spectators. She was Audrey Potter at this time and appeared to Brian Tilsley for Gail’s daughter’s engagement party.

Alf and Audrey Roberts

Shortly afterwards, she met the love of her life – Alf Roberts and the two married in 1985 becoming one of the most successful soap couples.

About year later, it emerged that she had a second boy, Stephen Reid, who lived in Canada. Audrey Roberts started working as a skinner. Alf died in 1999, which was a bitter blow for Audrey, but she spent time active and ran for the council herself.

Sue Nicholls in Crossroads

While Sue’s in creating Audrey Roberts we’ll all know and love, her pivotal role was in a different soap opera – Crossroads, where she played Marilyn Gates between 1964 and 1968.

Sue’s surprising singing career!

She played the song Where Will You Be in the Crossroads, during which she achieved a brief musical accomplishment. Which she then released and in the charts she reached number 17.

Sue in Reginald Perrin

In the sitcoms The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin and his sequal The legacy of Reginald Perrins, she played the role of Secretary Joan Greengross.

Sue’s spooky role in Rentaghost

She also recalled the part of Rentaghost, a children’s comedy, that she played between 1976 and 1984 in Nadia Popov, a Dutch ghost who was teleporting while she was sneezing away. Edward Brayshaw, Molly Weir and Michael Staniforth were other actors in the film. The above with Nanny the goat is pictured!

Sue’s cancer drama

Amazing, an eagle-eyed spectator named Anna Bianconi-Moore in 2011 found a suspicious mole on Sue’s shoulder. In this way she was basically nurse. She sent an e-mail to the coronation Street team and subsequently Sue was referred to a specialist for skin cancer where malignant melanoma was diagnosed. She immediately removed the mole and returned to her saviour, welcoming her to the studios as thank you. This marvelous resolution to what a tragic story would have been.

Is Sue Nicholls married?

Back in 1993, Marc Eden, married Sue, and in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton the couple own Quality Hotel.

Sue Nicholls’ husband

Mark Eden is also an actor who starred as ‘un Alan Bradley’ in Coronation Street from 1986 to 1989, before a tram knocked over the character and killed him. Mark appeared also in Poirot and, unusually, wrote a Beach Boys musical!

Have any children from Sue Nicholls?

In the past Sue and her husband Mark had no children together and Sue joked that because of a shortage of sleepless nights she remained so youthful. Both of them met when Sue was 40, and she says that is why kids haven’t happened to them.

Sue Nicholls health: Coronation Street star’s cancer scare was spotted by a loyal fan

SUE NICHOLLS is a familiar face, playing character Audrey Roberts, on the cobbled streets of Coronation Street. A fan saved her life unintentionally, and found a fearsome symptom on Sue’s forehead. What were the signs and what are they?

Sue Nicholls, 76, appeared in 1979 at Coronation Street for the first time and had been performing the part for six years on a recurrent basis. Coronation Street has become one of British TV’s most popular shows with legions of viewers, and Sue has seen a disturbing symptom from a fan who works as a kindergarten fan. She just returned from a late change to her favorite show by seeing a troubling sign, and Anna Biankoni-Moore, a nurse at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge dermatology clinic.

Anna has found an irregularly-looking mole, one of the key symptoms of skin cancer in the Sue’s shoulder, that was not looking for any signs of health alert and symptoms.

In 2012, Anna spoke to Mail Online and said When you stood next to the Fernsehen, I noticed it was irregular, with at least three different colors.”

“These are two of the flags that characterize malignant melanoma as the deadliest type of skin cancer.

Obviously I was highly concerned about Sue, and thought I had to do something,” continued Anna.

Anna approached ITV with great concern about her discovery and felt the need of warning Sue.

“I have written that I had noticed a sinister lesion and suggested that Sue see an expert sooner rather than later, because urgent attention may be needed,” she told. Anna.

Sue took Anna’s advice and had the company doctor examine her mole.

The mole was measured and a few months from now Sue was told to return to check the mole to see if it has developed.

Of course, the mole developed a quarter inch during that span and Sue was referred to a specialist in cutaneous cancer who wanted to extract the potentially cancerous mole fully.

“Anna Biankoni-Moore was watching a situation, in which a night-sleeved Sue Nicholls – who plays Audrey Roberts – had found a molar on her shoulder. ITV said of her discovery of Anna and of her vital knowledge of this matter:

“While the mole was the deadliest form of skin cancer, the same scene millions of skin care nurse Anna watched at home. After a TV break and a closer glance, specialist skin care nurse Anna was able to identify the defect as malignant melanoma.

“The 55-year-old Suffolk then came to contact Sue to advise him to search the mole.

“Almost one year later Sue removed the mole and confirmed the diagnosis of malignant melanoma.

“The actress called on the audience to come into contact again.

“The two finally met in late May on Coronation Street, so Sue could personally thank her for saving their lives.”

What are the major signs of cancer of the skin?

The NHS said: “Changes in a mole or freckle may be a sign of skin cancer, so seeing your doctor at once is vital.

“So it’s easier to handle early detection. You could save your life by seeing your doctor. A change into mole, freckle or regular patch of skin is the most common symptom of skin cancer.

  • A new or unhealing development.
  • A mark, mole or sore scratching or hurting
  • A mole that can bleed, crust or scab

See your GP when you note either of these signals. If you know someone with such symptoms, please see your doctor.”

Sue Nicholls net worth: How much Coronation Street legend has made in her career

SUE NICHOLLS, Audrey Roberts – 40 Tremendous Years will be celebrated in the Coronation Street Icons tonight. How much the soap symbol in her life has made.

Since 1964, Sue Nicholls has played Marilyn Gates on Crossroads as a star in major TV programs. She began a cabaret career in 1968, singing solo throughout the world.

For several years Sue sang on the stage outside, singing between strip acts in Viennese night clubs.

She came back to act in 1976, however.

She was in Coronation Strait from 1979 to play Audrey.

She has won numerous awards for her character image, including the British Soap Awards 2000, the British Soap Awards 2003, the Best Dramatic Performance Awards, the British Soap Awards 2003, and the British Soap Awards 2019. She has received a variety of awards (Outstanding Achievement).

Sue Nicholls net worth

Sue has a net value of between £1 million and £5 million according to Web site.

How old is Sue Nicholls?

It’s 72 years old, Sue Nicholls.

Born in Darlaston, Staffordshire, on 23 November 1943.

Prior to studying drama, she was taught at the Bromley Abbots School for girls.

Her father was Sir Harman Nicholls, who became a life partner to Lord Harmar-Nicholls.

Is Sue Nicholls married?

Sue is married. Sue is married. In 1993, Mark Eden was married to her.

He is an actor, and he played Alan Bradley on Coronation Street.

Sue, who has been married to actress Joan Long, is Alan’s second wife.

No children are shared by Sue and Mark.

Is Sue Nicholls a lady?

Have a dad honored enough to become a lord come with certain privileges.

Sue is not a lady but has the right to be named “The Honourable Susan Nicholls”

The star of EastEnders is another soap star who has plenty of cash.

The net value of Danny Dyer is significant. Danny Dyer’s net value is around £4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

His earnings range from £200,000 to £249,999.

It has appeared on a variety of programs and films as a common feature of Eastenders.

Soap queen Sue Nicholls wins top TV gong after decades in Crossroads and Corrie

How do you see Sue Nicholls, the long-term soap star in the Midlands, awarded its best prize by the Royal Television Society?

Sue Nicholls has won the Baird Trophy, the best honor that can be awarded for the RTS Midlands.

Sue was also loved in David Nobbs’ sitcom series, The Fall and Rise of Reginal Perrin, 20 years later, as a long-lasting star at Crossroads and Coronation Street.

While Gail’s mother, Audrey Roberts, is well known for playing Marilyn Gates in Kings Oak and Joan Greengross, along with her perrin star, Leonard Rossiter, her bow is even more stringent in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Sir Harmar Nicolls (later Lord Harmar-Nicholls) daughter of the late Conservative MP, retains her name by the top 20 single, and was also on Broadway in the comedy London Assurance revival in 1974.

Now 77, for decades of service and entertainment Sue is remembered on her home patch.

The former student of the St Mary and St. Anne School (now the Abbots Bromley School of the Girls) is awarded her award by Corrie’s co-star, Jack P Shepherd.

The event took place on the website of the Royal Television Society on Wednesday 25 November at 8pm.

In 1993, Sue married former street fellow Mark Eden four years after his character, ‘bad boy,’ Alan Bradley, was famously killed by a Blackpool tram.

Thanks to the best sitcom (2000), best dramatic performance (2003), a hero of the year (2003), and excellent achievement, she has been awarded four times the British Soap Awards (2019).

“I’m really not deserving of that award because it’s been about the last 60 years and it’s wonderful, thank you very much,” Nicholls said. Sue Nicholls.

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