The 5 Best Sites to Sell Your Car Online

Car Online
Car Online

Are you looking to sell your car online? In today’s car market, used cars are selling at higher prices than ever with the shortages and high demands.

Wondering about the best way to sell a car? How about if you can sell a car online and never leave your home? If this sounds appealing to you, here are the best websites to check out so you can sell your car quickly.

1. Cars.com

Cars.com is still one of the most popular sites to sell a car online. Their listings are widely syndicated and this makes their inventory huge.

You have options to list for free along with paid options. The paid options allow your listing to appear on affiliate sites like Auto.com, NewCars.com, and PickupTrucks.com. You also have the option to see your car quickly to a dealer. If you are wondering “how to see my car online fast,” this may be a reasonable option.

The biggest drawback of this site is the large inventory, which means more competition for your listing.

2. CarGurus

You can also list your vehicle for free on CarGurus. However, if you do sell your car using this site, you will be charged a $99 flat rate. You will pay the same rate no matter how much you sell your vehicle for.

All listings are assigned a deal rating, which states if your car is a great deal or if it is overpriced. This can be helpful for buyers, but difficult for sellers. If you know what you want for your car, CarGurus could be frustrating if they deem your listing overpriced.

3. AutoTrader

AutoTrader is still another popular option for buyers and sellers alike. Buyers can use advanced search options to find exactly what they are looking for. Sellers can choose a listing package option with a money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to pay if you don’t sell your car.

You can also sell your car to a dealership or get an instant cash offer. This is useful if you want to sell your car online fast.

4. Carvana

You can sell your car or truck online and not have to worry about transport or delivery with Carvana. Buyers buy a vehicle and Carvana delivers the car directly to them. If you want to get rid of your car in a convenient way, this may be the option that suits your needs because they will come and collect your car.

5. Vroom

Vroom lets you enter your car’s information. You then get an offer within 30 minutes or less. You can choose to accept the offer.

If you accept the offer, they will come and pick up your vehicle and deposit the payment directly into your bank account for added convenience. Check out more on how to sell a car on Vroom.

Ready to Sell a Car Online?

The internet is at your disposal to help you sell a car online and quickly. Check out all these sites to see which is best for you. Make sure you do your research to get the most out of your vehicle.

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