The Complete Confluence Software vs NetSuite OpenAir Review 2022

Confluence Software
Confluence Software

Every professional service firm needs an automation solution to help them keep up with clients and handle daily business operations. However, there are a lot of choices available in the market which can be overwhelming for buyers. It is important that they do their research and narrow the list down to two or three names. If you are down to Confluence and NetSuite then this is your lucky day. This article contains a comparison of Confluence software vs NetSuite OpenAir in terms of pricing, features, vendors, and ease of use. It will make the decision easier for users who do not know where to start.


Confluence is a project management software that helps organizations collaborate, organize, and review documents. Users can choose between on-premise or cloud-based deployment for the software. It has an editor feature through which employees can create notes, take minutes of meetings, add product requirements or build reports. The solution is also used by managers to review documents or deliverables and add feedback wherever necessary. There is a knowledge management option that helps users build a centralized repository to look for relevant content.

Building project requirements can be challenging and the system has features that allow managers to restrict the access of sensitive company information to a central location. The task management feature helps users delegate, track, and monitor all changes made to the task. It also has features for updating managers on the status of tasks based on their due date or current status. Confluence project management can integrate with Jira to maintain complete transparency.


Confluence has a flexible pricing plan and the pricing starts at $5.50 per user per month for the standard plan. Users can also upgrade to the premium tier for $10.50 per user per month. One major difference between Confluence software vs NetSuite OpenAir is that Confluence has a free version that provides users access to basic features.


  • It serves as an exceptional knowledge base for businesses and can be used to create a single source of truth for companies.
  • The tool can be used to create documents for sharing project details and users can collaborate on them by making necessary changes.
  • Confluence is reliable when it comes to project management features and provides users with the capacity to organize their documentation in an online repository.


  • Some users have difficulty formatting the documents or tables because the customization features are not as intuitive as the rest of the platform.
  • The search function lacks functionality and users cannot link documents or manage permissions without getting frustrated.
  • The system can be slow after updates are installed which can slow down the team and affect productivity levels.

NetSuite OpenAir

NetSuite OpenAir is an extensive collection of applications that supports teams through every stage of their project lifecycle. It is available as a SaaS product and includes several features that help manage time, expenses, resources, tasks, and overall projects. There are additional options for billing, invoicing, and project accounting that provide even more functionality. The system has been optimized to work with mobile applications to make it even more accessible.

One difference between Confluence software vs NetSuite OpenAir is that the latter has a connect feature that allows users to synchronize with the company’s existing front-end and back-end legacy systems. The software was developed to support professional services firms in every way and it is best for organizations with 500 or more employees. Smaller organizations should consider the SRP module which provides similar features at a lower scale. NetSuite has a collection of PSA solutions that is used by thousands of organizations across the world.


The NetSuite OpenAir small to medium business package starts at $399 per month with an additional $49 per user per month. It also offers an enterprise version that includes resource allocation features for $899 per month with an additional $49 per user per month. There is no free version of the software nor is there a free trial option.


  • OpenAir makes it easier to evaluate overtime requests and vacation days for employees because it generates detailed reports after every week, month, and quarter.
  • It has the ability to integrate with other platforms such as Jira, Salesforce, and commonly used project management solutions.
  • Generating reports is more accessible and they can even be scheduled to automatically be sent to the person concerned.


  • There is a lack of integration options and it takes a long time for users to extract data from the project by tracking profitability in real-time.
  • There is a high price for this interface and it is not feasible for small teams.
  • Customer support is not very helpful and users have to wait a long time to get an answer. The online help forum is not very useful either.

Confluence Software vs NetSuite OpenAir – Pricing

In order to make a fair comparison between Confluence project management and NetSuite, it is important to consider the total cost of ownership. This includes subscription fees, licensing costs, hardware costs, maintenance fees, and other hidden costs. NetSuite starts at $49 per user per month which means it is not a suitable option for small businesses. Confluence on the other hand, is only $5.50 per user per month which is much lower than the average cost of project management software.

Target Audience

NetSuite OpenAir is the perfect solution for international enterprises that have mid-range to large-scale operations. It is mostly used by those in the software development, manufacturing, retail, or distribution industries. Confluence on the other hand is useful for teams of all shapes and sizes. It provides comprehensive features for all kinds of companies.

Confluence is a highly-rated software and offers a wide range of features while NetSuite OpenAir is more suited to bigger firms with more complex needs. The answer to the Confluence software vs NetSuite OpenAir question is not straightforward and depends on a number of factors. It is important to choose the software based on the company’s specific requirements.

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