How to Build a Successful Law Website

Law Website
Law Website

Law is a practice that tends to bring to mind a severe and clinical individual. While that may be true sometimes, it is not the only thing you want to show. Your website is a reflection of yourself, and you are not two-dimensional. Here are a few things to consider when building a website for your law practice.

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

When it comes to web design for lawyers, you want to start with an eye-catching home page to reel your clients in. This can look like any number of things. Websites tend to trend toward having an image be the first thing their clients see, with welcome text. For your law practice, this image could be things such as the whole legal team outside your office or even Lady Justice holding her scales. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that this image is meant to reflect you and your practice. Also, remember that this image gives foresight into what the rest of the site looks like.

Set and Stick with a Color Scheme

You have seen those websites with every rainbow color all over the place and every font imaginable. It is not pretty, and you do not want your website to look like that. Instead, you want to choose a primary color to put most of the focus on, a secondary color to highlight important parts, and an accent color to break things up. Make sure all of your colors work well together (color theory is your friend) and that it is not a strain on the eyes. Avoid neon colors at all costs.

Easy Navigation

Many websites can receive a bad reputation if they do not have decent navigation. Nobody likes clicking around for hours to find the page they need. A simple navigation bar at the top with some drop-down menus will be instrumental in helping your clients explore your website with ease. Make sure the navigation bar fits within your color scheme, and make the words big enough to be easily readable.

Make it Mobile

Another thing to remember when designing your website is how it will translate to mobile formatting. Many websites have problems with their mobile versions because it is an uncalibrated, messed-up version of the desktop site. Making a successful and user-friendly mobile version of your site will help clients reach you more easily. Being a lawyer, you want to be just a call away, and if your client is already looking you up on their phone, you can make that a reality.

Whether new or thriving, your law practice will benefit from having a website that reflects the unique personality and values of the practice and the team within. Even if you have never built a website before, if you follow these recommendations, you will be well on your way to having a website that everyone will love.

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