The Two-Day Certification Training of Certified Scrum Product Owner or CSPO®


The framework of the Scrum methodology depends on cross-functional teams in order to deliver services and products in increments or on short cycles that allow accelerated delivery, end-user feedback, fast incorporation, and continuous improvement. The comprehensive workshop of CSPO® certification training prepares its candidates for the certification of CSPO® or Certified Scrum Product Owner. It accomplishes the requirements of the training course of CSPO® held for two days that is mentored by a CST or Certified Scrum Trainer.

Preparation Course of CSPO® Certification

The interactive course of CSPO® certification training gives an opportunity to the participants to explore the most challenging role in Scrum, which is the role of the Product Owner. Participants learn the basics of Scrum along with the responsibilities of a Product Owner through case studies, discussions and exercises. The Certified Scrum Trainer addresses topics such as an overview of estimating or sizing in Scrum, methods of identifying the needs of the user, how to order, maintain and create a Product Backlog, techniques to develop a Product Vision.

Through case studies, facilitated discussions, and exercises, these topics are taught to the participants based on the real-work experience of the instructor that they have gathered while working with teams of Scrum.

All the students, after successful completion of the course, are eligible for the certification of CSPO® or Certified Scrum Product Owner from the Scrum Alliance. A two-year subscription to the Scrum Alliance is also attained by the attendees. It is an organisation that offers valuable resources and materials exclusive to CSPO®s.

What will you learn through the CSPO® Certification Training?

The CSPO® certification training will teach you the following:

  1. You will learn the techniques and tools that effective Product Owners use in order to refine, order and develop the product backlog
  2. You will be able to validate and test product assumptions.
  3. You will be able to understand the role of a product owner to define product value
  4. You will learn the role of the PO in delivering a strategy and developing a product vision
  5. You will be able to identify the best practices, techniques and challenges of PO for working with Scrum teams, users, customers and stakeholders.
  6. You will better understand the core competencies and responsibilities of an efficient Scrum Product Owner.

The certification training of Certified Scrum Product Owner is of two days, led by a CST. The formats are diverse, for instance, live, virtual, hybrid and in-house. The live sessions are led by an instructor throughout the country and held at local facilities. The virtual one is web-based. It has collaborated on a software platform like Zoom in order to make sure that all the course participants can engage and interact. The hybrid one offers optimum flexibility in the sense that it is up to the candidates to opt for either the virtual or the live course. The in-house facility is more suitable for ten or more candidates seeking certification training in CSPO®.

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