Top 5 Popular Events in Japan that Require Hakama Pants

Hakama Pants
Hakama Pants

When it comes to traditional Japanese attire, nothing beats the hakama pants. Hakama is clothing that is usually worn beneath a kimono. They come either as open skirts or pants with legs. The hakama pants are the favorite among the Japanese people. These pants were first worn during the ancient days by people ranging from samurais to farmers. Besides being symbolic and cultural, hakama pants are made to enable the wearer to feel loose and comfortable. This is why hakama pants are being worn to many popular events in Japan. Some of these events are:

  1. Wedding ceremonies

Wedding ceremonies are something that the Japanese people take very seriously. This is due to their very strong traditional beliefs. It is therefore needless to say that the hakama pants are used in this ceremony. The hakama pants are worn by the groom himself on the day of his wedding. Sometimes, hakama pants are also worn by male relatives who are close to the couple, such as the father of the bride. Due to its symbolic meaning, hakama pants are a very important part of a Japanese marriage ceremony.

  1. Graduation ceremonies

In the early days of Japan, hakama pants were used by scholars. Hakama pants are a sign of academic excellence. This meaning has not died off yet in modern Japan. The hakama pants are an attire that is worn by all college students to graduation ceremonies. This is because hakama pants can be used by all genders. However, women’s hakama is different from that of men by a few differences. These differences usually come in the form of color and embroideries. Due to this, hakama pants have been accepted as the general attire for graduation ceremonies.

  1. Coming of age day

The coming of age by youths is not something the Japanese people take lightly. They focus on this thing so much that they have even created a holiday for it. This holiday celebrates people who have become adults in the past year. Hakama pants are the attire these people wear on this day. These pants are those that have patterns with subtle colors. Why? because hakama pants with patterns are regarded as the most formal of pants.

  1. Tea ceremonies

Tea ceremonies are an important part of Japanese culture. It is a very important and highly regarded event among the Japanese people. Needless to say, formal attires are worn to these events. The best formal attire to wear to this event is the hakama pants. These pants are worn over kimono with subtle color. Hakama pants with vibrant colors are mainly for martial arts, not for formal events. Pants with stripes or patterns are generally accepted for this event. Due to their loose and flexible nature, the hakama pants are perfect for this social ceremony.

  1. Funerals

Funerals are something that the Japanese culture treats with the utmost respect. Due to their religious beliefs, they treat this event with honor and respect. Black hakama pants are the perfect attire for this event. Its dark color shows that the atmosphere is for mourning the dead. This attire is worn over a dark kimono and tied at the waist. However, modern Japan is slowly losing this tradition, as black suits are now preferred. It is hoped that Japan does not lose this tradition too fast, as it is very religious.


Hakama pants are the perfect traditional attires for a lot of occasions, especially Japanese events. These pants are the perfect symbolic sign of respect and honor. Finally, you can buy hakama pants online too.

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