With the advent of the 21st century, new fashion trends have sprung into action, out of which one major trend has been to wear workout shirts for women not only as gym wear but also as loungewear. This evolution took place because, aside from providing sustenance and unrestricted movement to enhance your workout routines, gym t-shirts for women also include sleek looks, extreme comfort, and moisture-wicking features making them ideal garments to wear at a gathering or meetups.

This versatility has enabled gym wear to be utilized not only for strenuous workouts but apparel that makes you look and feel your best at any social event thereafter.

As with all fashion trend evolutions, this has led to new companies starting and old ones constantly improving their line-ups of women’s workout shirts, creating a huge chain of supply to meet the growing demands of females worldwide. Unfortunately, it is still a hassle to find a gym t-shirt for women that has a good fit and optimal features that enable you to achieve your maximum at the gym, whilst also supporting you throughout other recreational activities. To simplify this exhaustive task we have set up a list of this year’s top gym wear brands that have proven their worth and shot to fame both in terms of high-quality apparel and affordable prices.


The first on our list is a brand that has gained fame and satisfied the workout and clothing needs of trainers, coaches, and athletes worldwide, through the provision of exceptional gym wear that serves as both workout apparel as well as casual wear. SQUATWOLF’s workout clothes for women include gym wear that has been designed using the latest sports innovation techniques and high-quality fabric combinations so that you can exercise irritation-free. Their gym t-shirts for women are known to be extremely comfortable, long-lasting, and stretchable, whilst also equipped with sweat-wicking, deodorizing, and anti-scruff properties.

If you’re looking for a top that would help you upgrade your fitness regime, whilst also letting you cool off at the club thereafter, then SQUATWOLF’s “Women’s Fitness – Oversized Tee” could most likely become your greatest ally. Available in three appealing color schemes, and gives sizes, this top is guaranteed to suit your body type and aesthetic taste. Its soft fabric, coupled with its open and mesh back panel will prevent overheating during workouts, whilst also providing you with an amazing appearance. It is a top that has high-functionality and chic looks, making it a great wear for not only the gym but also a daily wearable garment.


A brand that has become one of the most enduring fitness companies since its emergence, NUX ACTIVE provides fitness enthusiasts worldwide with gym wear that is designed to match their commitment and resilience. A brand that is focused on women empowerment, NUX ACTIVE provides workout shirts for women manufactured using their Body engineering seamless technology, aimed at enhancing the way your body moves by offering you the ease of mobility and extreme flexibility. Women’s gym t-shirts of this brand provide comfortable and figure-hugging fits that give a second skin feeling, whilst also improving muscle support and increasing oxygen flow throughout the upper body, enabling you to beat your workout records with ease. Furthermore, their tops come with beautiful and practical mesh designs that utilize the highest quality of nylon yarns to improve overall breathability and comfort.


Another brand that is aimed towards empowering women of all body shapes and sizes through fitness, SPANX offers gym wear that is designed using the latest technology and intricate weaving techniques, enabling you to feel confident and supported both at the gym and the party afterward. Their line of workout shirts for women includes tops and tanks that not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also offer quick-drying, four-way stretchability, and high durability features. This brand has earned its spot on the list through the provision of well-designed, uniquely styled, and highly functional women’s gym t-shirts.


Alo Yoga first gained popularity due to its extremely flexible and supportive yoga wear, after which it expanded to selling gym wear as well and has been growing ever since. Women’s workout shirts of this brand offer pastel color schemes coupled with modest designs and high-quality compression fabrics engineered to support you throughout the whole day. Their highly versatile looks and amazing fabrics enable you to hit the streets with a stride filled with confidence and assurance.


A brand that blends fashion with high-performance fabrics, VIE ACTIVE is constantly empowering women throughout the world with stylish, functional, and durable gym wear, enabling them to fearlessly chase their fitness dreams. Their line of women’s gym t-shirts is made using fabrics that are super soft-to-touch and extremely versatile, making their tops the ultimate hybrid of a casual shirt and a workout top. This coupled with aesthetic styles and eye-catching colors are guaranteed to help you carry yourself all day long with pride and comfort. Workout shirts for women produced by this brand have the potential to become your new favorite tops for both gym wear and casual activities, due to their viscose spandex material that offers flexibility, durability, and sweat-wicking properties.


The gym wear produced by the brands mentioned above is guaranteed to upgrade not only your training but also boost your self-esteem and performance all day long.

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