How to Be More Romantic — 9 Helpful Tips


Does your relationship seem a little stale? If you move through your days together with the same familiar routine, it might be time to spice it up with a romantic gesture or two (or let’s face it: three). But how can you turn a corner and get your romance back on track? Don’t worry. For that, we have you covered. Here are nine helpful tips on how to be more romantic.

#1 Send Them a Stuffed Animal Care Package

If your loved one is away, send them a care package to show your love and affection with cute stuffed animals. Stuffed animals are for more than just kids. Adults love them just as much! Plus, they can offer warmth and comfort when you have to be apart. In your stuffed animal care package, be sure to send them a sweet sentiment with a personalized notecard that expresses your feelings for them.

#2 Write a Love Letter

Speaking of a personalized notecard, you can also take it one step further by writing them a full letter. Today, when couples rely on emojis and short texts to say how they feel, it can leave one’s emotions feeling, shall we say — unsatisfied. But through a handwritten letter, you can take the time to put down in words how they make you feel and how much they mean to you. Love letters are a time-tested romantic gesture that will never lose their meaning. They will keep the paper safe always!

#3 Go on Adventures Together

Another way to be more romantic is to go on adventures together. Whether it’s simply a new hike each weekend, a short weekend getaway to a new city or jet-setting to an exotic destination, going somewhere together can spark a little romance back into the relationship. But, of course, spontaneity plays a key role, too! Remember that you don’t have to plan your vacations to a T. Learn to embrace the unexpected and rely on each other for company, comfort and laughs.

#4 Learn a Few New Dance Moves

If you too often find yourself a wallflower who’s afraid of being clumsy with two left feet, take dance lessons. Surprise your special someone out of the blue, sweeping them off their feet with a few new moves after taking private dance lessons. Or even attend a dance class together. From salsa to ballroom dancing, you can take all kinds of dance lessons.

Even if you’re not one to hit up the nightclub until midnight, you can still show off your new dance moves right at home! Put on some slow love ballads and grab a hand to dance right in the living room or outside on the patio (weather permitting).

#5 Get Nostalgic and Recreate Special Moments

If you are trying to be more romantic in the present, remember to look to the past. Reflect on those special past times when everything felt right and you shared a magical moment full of love. Recreating those special moments, whether it was from a first date, an engagement or honeymoon can remind your girlfriend or boyfriend why you are together. When in doubt, open up the floodgates of good memories to spark a little romance.

#6 Have Pillow Talks

If you and your S.O. hit the hay without so much as a “goodnight,” it’s time to make a change. We all know it can be challenging to want to engage in conversation at the end of a long, tiring day, but a few minutes of pillow talk can keep the bedroom romance alive. It doesn’t have to be sexy pillow talk either. All we mean is to simply ask how their day was or talk about upcoming weekend plans before saying goodnight.

Also, when we say pillow talk, it doesn’t have to be on a bedroom pillow as you lie in bed. Instead, talk about each other’s days, dreams and more on the sofa (without the TV on in the background) and learn to listen.

#7 Prepare Meals Together

Pillow talk is no different than having a sweet and flirty conversation over dinner. And this leads to another helpful tip for being more romantic: cooking a homemade meal. So whether you cook dinner together on a Friday night or you make breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning, eating together is a good way to ignite romance.

However, there are a few ways you can elevate the experience and make it even more romantic. First, start by turning off your phones so you can give each other your undivided attention. Then, turn on a bit of background music to liven the mood and create ambiance. Finally, light some candles on the table or add a rose to their breakfast tray for a final touch.

#8 Practice a Little Chivalry

Despite what some think, chivalry is not dead. Yes, your partner might have an independent spirit where they prefer to open their own doors or take out the trash, but it doesn’t mean you should never do it for them. You can still give your partner space and room to breathe, just perform chivalrous acts from time to time. For example, you can open the doors to the restaurant on date nights or lend them a coat or scarf as you walk back on a chilly evening. Chivalry isn’t just for the guys either! Ladies can perform chivalrous acts for their fellas by driving, splitting the bill on a restaurant tab and other thoughtful acts.

#9 Say ‘I Love You’ at Least Once a Day

Okay, maybe not once a day, especially if your relationship is new and you don’t want to overuse it or scare them off. But this bit of advice goes for long-term couples who might feel the phrase and expression is already implied after so many years. So no matter how much you shower them with stuffed animal gifts, love letters or gourmet meals you cooked yourself, every now and then it helps to simply say “I love you.” So no matter how busy you are or how long you have been a couple, remember to say these three simple words at least once a day. It will mean the world to them and can set their heart aglow.

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