Types of Criminal Attorneys and What They Offer

Criminal Attorneys
Criminal Attorneys

Are you looking for a Coquitlam criminal lawyer? A criminal lawyer is an excellent addition to your defense team whenever you face criminal charges. This professional will represent you throughout the court system, ensuring that your rights are preserved. Yet, you need to understand the types of criminal attorneys at your disposal. There are two main types of criminal lawyers: a criminal defense attorney and a defense lawyer.

A Criminal Defense Attorney

A defense lawyer often represents an individual facing specific criminal charges. This attorney will guide you through the entire case, ensuring that the judgments align with your rights. This professional will help ensure that you get a fair hearing, getting the best out of the judgement. At the same time, you can rely on them to negotiate for less punitive sentencing, including plea bargains and deals.

There are three categories of criminal defense attorneys: public defenders, contractual attorneys, and assigned counsel. An assigned lawyer is a private lawyer, often offered by the court, that helps handle specific cases. A public defender is allocated to you by the government. This professional serves the same interests as an assigned lawyer, bar the nature of the arrangement.

On the other hand, a contracted lawyer is the one you hire personally. This professional will aim at serving your interests, including protecting your rights. In this case, you need to scout for a reputable and reliable professional to handle your problem. You’ll compare their qualifications, certifications, and professionalism.

A defense attorney has the experience and skills to represent and defend you in court. They will gather enough evidence to ensure everything sails smoothly. They could also invite expert witnesses to support the provided proof.

A Prosecuting Criminal Law Attorney

A prosecuting attorney represents the government and the public in a criminal lawsuit. This attorney can work at any court level, including local, federal, and state courts. Usually, a prosecuting lawyer initiates criminal proceedings against an accused person. The goal is to convict the individual, securing other forms of justice.

A prosecuting attorney has a broad scope of duties, also known as a public prosecutor or district attorney. For instance, this professional will be significantly involved in investigating a case. During this period, they would guide the police in conducting the investigation, gathering enough evidence against the accused.

Notably, this prosecutor acts as the gatekeeper of the justice system. That means they will ensure justice whenever public image and behavior are at stake. They will help admonish and inform the court whenever there are instances of corruption and behavior that affects society.

Often, you’ll get three types of prosecutors: local, chief prosecutor, and state attorney general. The state prosecutor acts as the leading state representative during a court case. To sum it all, the criminal justice system is complex. Having an excellent attorney by your side is the surest way to protect your rights and get a fair hearing. The two main categories of criminal lawyers mentioned will be able to solve for most if not all of your challenged.

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