Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers
Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers


Salt and Pepper Shakers Décor

My exercise used to be walking through nearby antique shops when I traveled a lot for work. The vintage items kept my mind off the hectic, mentally-challenging days I had been having.

Due to my frantic schedule between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I couldn’t decorate my house for Christmas that year, so I had to come up with something quick and simple. In one of the antique malls in Washington D.C., I was able to hide a decorative Christmas tree under my desk. To my surprise, it was a set of salt and pepper shakers I had kept on my Milwaukee, Wisconsin desk until I returned home.

Salt and pepper shakers were often sold as tourist souvenirs with the name of a town on them. However, I have never seen the same thing with salt and pepper shakers. I was delighted to discover that some of the ones I liked did not have writing on them.

As soon as I got home, I noticed I could easily match my vintage framed post cards with them, creating a seasonal vignette quickly with, frankly, very little effort.

These postcards have brought me great joy and helped me mark the passing of time for so many years now that I work from home full-time. As a reminder, they

encourage us not only to appreciate the good fortune of living in this lifetime but also to enjoy the moment. Occasionally, we need this reminder.

There’s nothing ordinary about this salt and pepper shaker. There have to be ones that make me smile – that’s it.

My collection of salt and pepper shakers consists of several single shakers that I like simply because they are available. I added this vintage mouse eating cheese to my collection as one of the first pieces.

It’s also helpful to have salt and pepper shakers that aren’t matched. With a big carrot salt shaker at its feet, this rabbit pepper shaker welcomes Easter.

A salt and pepper shaker is a useful accessory for a kitchen. They can also add a touch of style to bathrooms and other small rooms. Be sure to include a working desk where you can avoid a lot of clutter, while still enjoying a sense of holiday spirit.

Changing and storing them is also easy. I have four shoe boxes to hold my entire collection.

Which is which then? You can use the salt shaker with the least holes, perhaps two, if you want to use the salt and pepper shakers together. Pepper shakers typically have three or four holes.

I came across this charming Japanese set of ceramic salt and pepper shakers at a local thrift store today while shopping for a basket for one of my cats. The colors of the turkey and the hen are very distinctive and I think the shaker fits her very well. I have recently added them to my collection.

In my kitchen, I have a pair of vintage turkey salt and pepper shakers, the epitome of welcome for myself and anyone who enters. The vintage postcards often catch the eye of visitors who have plopped down at my kitchen island, who are often curious about the salt and pepper shakers. Ceramic pieces like these entice one to pick them up.

Vintage items should always be checked for distinguishing marks on the bottom. I agree that it adds value but it also helps tell a story about where and when the salt and pepper shakers were made.

You might want to think about finding some of these as an annual gift that you can keep adding to every year if you can still locate some. They are easy to store and don’t require much space. It makes it easier for me to find the appropriate shoes for the season by keeping the shoes organized by season.

I will soon be trading in my vintage turkeys for snowmen salt and pepper shakers, and the vintage snowmen salt and pepper shakers will keep me company through January. The shakers can still keep the vibe festive while changing quickly.

A thrift store in my area had this reindeer ornament for sale after Christmas last year. A similar throw or wall hanging reminds me of my favorite holiday throw, Reindeer Games Throw and Quilted Wall Hanging. I see that same look on the reindeer salt shaker when one of my dogs has done something they shouldn’t have done, especially when they were younger.

A friend of mine who collects antiques said recently that people don’t collect cookie jars and salt and pepper shakers anymore. It is understandable that cookie jars take up a lot of space, but there is still room for the special salt and pepper shakers.

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