What Do I Need for a Worker’s Compensation Claim?

Compensation Claim
Compensation Claim

Despite our best efforts and intentions, injuries can happen anywhere. When it’s something simple like a stubbed toe or a minor bruise, it’s easy for us to move on. But when a major injury happens, we can be dealing with the consequences for years to come.

These injuries can be even more devastating when they happen at work. Regardless of whether you work in an office and suffer an injury from typing, or whether you work for a construction company and sustain a crush injury; you deserve to be fairly compensated.

Unfortunately, the worker’s compensation system often leaves injured workers in a tough spot and makes it very difficult to recover physically and financially from injuries suffered at work.

Why are Worker’s Compensation Cases Difficult to Navigate?

There are a few factors that make worker’s compensation cases tricky.

For one, companies don’t want to be held responsible for an injury suffered on the job. If employers can make it seem like the worker was injured due to something the worker did wrong, it often removes the employer from being liable for the damages that occurred.

Additionally, worker’s compensation cases can frequently be very expensive for companies. If they have to pay the worker and cover medical expenses as well as other costs due to the injury, they could be paying out tons of money.

How Can a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Help?

The legal world is full of complicated language and confusing arrangements that are difficult to overcome without a background in law. Your worker’s compensation lawyer will help you understand exactly what is happening with regards to your case while also taking care of the necessary paperwork, filing, and other legal issues as they arise.

Specifically, a worker’s compensation lawyer can assist with:

  • Ensuring your worker’s comp payments are on-time and in the full amount.
  • Advising you on when to see doctors, which doctors you should see, and other medical issues.
  • Preventing you from accepting an inappropriate position offered by your company so that they can close your case.
  • Advocating for you in court and throughout the entirety of the worker’s compensation process.

Obviously, there are many more things that worker’s compensation lawyers can help with. The above list provides a small overview of the benefits inherent in having a good worker’s compensation lawyer on your side.

How Much Money Can I Expect to Receive from My Worker’s Compensation Settlement?

There is no guarantee of payment for a worker’s compensation claim. Nor is there any standard by which an average settlement amount could be based for these cases. What’s important to remember in these types of legal proceedings is that you have the right to work in a safe environment that should not put you at risk for injury. If you’re injured while at work, your employer should assist you in recovering so that you can return to work in whatever capacity is reasonable.

Have you been injured at work? Consider calling a worker’s compensation lawyer today for a consultation!

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