What happened to Dad who Cut Daughter’s Hair

what happened to dad who cut daughter's hair
what happened to dad who cut daughter's hair

The Real Story

When the teen girl’s name, Lily Oberlin, begins the story of the dad, who cut his daughter’s hair. She lives in the USA of California to celebrate her 18th anniversary. As she always dreams, Lily celebrated her birthday with her blocked hair braid. Lily was then only an 18-year-old girl of high school. To celebrate her birthday, she wishes to make something really impressive.

It’s easy to understand and accept. After returning from the salon next. Next. Your dad’s a divorced man. Anyone who doesn’t really like her too much tries to persuade Lily to change her hairstyle simply because he does not like these boho styles. Lily tries to discuss this hairstyle with her dad right now is trendy. She tries to express her desire for this long-dreamed hairstyle.

What happened to Dad who Cut Daughter’s Hair

Her father is very irritated when her daughter can’t change her mind. The father then forced her to cut off all of her hair like a boy. After the violent force cut off from her dad, Lily was truly upset and lost all her faith and fight against psychological trauma.

What Happened To The Dad Who Cut His Daughter’s Hair?

His dictator’s mind, after cutting Lily’s hair, thought it was right for him to teach Lily a good lesson. But when Lily’s friend posted her hair-cut and storey on Facebook the problem became more dramatic and worst. The storey about Lily’s hair was interacted extensively on social media and became popular on many online platforms.

The CNA has done an interview and film about the storey of Lily. The News is becoming known and receives many comments from adults who are currently a parent on social media.

What happened to Dad who Cut Daughter’s Hair

There was a great deal of comment in trying to send Lily empathy. These parents understand the adolescent child very well. She said it was really good and easy to understand because Lily is 18 years old and has no problem with her style. The Braid hair block truly ordinary and trendy.

It won’t be understandable to all why her dad cut her hair like that violently. People suppose he’s got a dictator’s opinion and tries to control his daughter. What happened to Dad who Cut Daughter’s Hair

You know the way to express their unique personality is by adolescents. In addition, it belongs to everyone’s privacy rights.

So What Exactly Happened To Dad Who Cut Daughter’s Hair

In order to teach him how to make a proper father, he must deal with the negative social media comments. Lily has many comments on support. It also teaches him a lot about respecting the dignity of the human person. In addition, the lesson is the right to freedom of choice for his daughter. What happened to Dad who Cut Daughter’s Hair

Furthermore, this wasn’t his last thing. After the storey was released on the CNA, the dictator’s mind turned him into a mem in social media. For dictator father, this is a great verbal punishment. When somebody’s mind is enforced, the humour punishment will teach him the consequences.

He also has to handle a lot of court proceedings thanks to his rude behaviour. He has a housekeeping judge and is irresponsible as a father. In addition, the judge decided to cut off his right to raise his kid due to his gross attitude in the divorce court when cutting his daughter’s hair. What is important to him is that every month he has to pay a lot of money to help his divorced wife raise the children up to 18 years.

His Rude Behavior Also Make Him Broke Up With His Current Mistress.

She was afraid that he would control her life while controlling the lives of his daughter. In the film, his girlfriend told an interviewer that she was also reflecting on his behaviour from the dictator, after learning about Lily’s storey. This makes her contemporary behaviour and relationships reconsider and reflect on.

For the gross dad who cut his daughter’s hair, it was so good lessons. Many people think it’s just a little thing to cut a daughter’s hair, but it’s a criminal way to consider the nature. And it did bad for his fellow workers and neighbours.

About His Ex-wife Who Is Lily’s Daughter.

This dictator man she used to live with. She told the CNA that she really angrily wanted to punish her ex-husband after she had known her daughter history. The penalty the father receives is often thought too exaggerated and unsuitable by many people. But Lily’s mother thinks it was unfair for Lily after a long marriage time with her ex-husband. Because Lily should only support her teenager and her dad, rather than force her to cut her hair. Even the raw ex-relationship husband’s ends but, after Lily’s rude attitude, the rest of his image about him is also gone. For his ragging way in front of the court, she wants him more to be punished.

About The Relationship Between Lily And Her Dad.

The connection before the story was quite cold, since her father was far from Lily and did not meet each other normally. Then the relationship worsened. Lily can not even speak to her dad, because her dad’s behaviour was upset and disappointed. The story is going to be a scar in the heart of Lily. The relationship between Lily and her dad also happens to be the worst thing. Lily’s dad will have to deal with Lily’s trauma and after that they won’t even talk to each other. Because of his dictator Lily is not her dad’s marapon, he can’t have warm care.

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