Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3

Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3
Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3

Snow White is an imaginary, japanese, rock hair TV series (also known as Akagami No Shirayuki-hime). The series was launched on August 10th, 2006 by Sorata Akizuki. The manga has been compiled for a TV series almost ten years after the first release and the first Red Hair season of Snow White began on 7 July. Manga and Newcomer fans both got it well and it was unexpectedly renewed for another season. Winning less than a year later, the show’s second season on January 12, 2016, viewers and manga fans have been expecting the news for the third season. This is what we know of prospects for Season 3 up to now.

Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Snow White premiered on 12 January 2016 with Red Hair season 2, which finished on 29 March 2016. Although much time has gone by since then, there is still a third season of the show to be confirmed.

That said, there is currently no reason to be alarmed. Bones, Snow White’s studio with the red hair, was busy with other shows such as the late Mob Psycho centre, which is probably why Snow White has been delayed with the red hair season 3. All said and done, as the 2nd season did not bring the love storey of Zen and Shirayuki to a close, and a 3rd season should complete the storey. If things get right, Snow White could be released by 2021 with Red Hair Season 3. On Stage 3, we keep our ears open for news, and we will update this section when we hear more.

Snow White with the Red Hair English Dub:

There are english dubbed episodes in Funimation and Amazon Prime if you’re interested in looking at Snow White in red hair.

Snow White with the Red Hair Plot:

The show’s events are organised in a fictitious country centred on two fictional countries – Tanbarun and Clarines.

A cheerful girl called Shirayuki, who works as herbalist at a local pharmacist in the land of Tanbarun, is the plot of this show. While Shirayuki wishes to live her life in peace, her unique red hair draws men’s unjustified attention and eventually attracts the attention of Tanbarun’s vain prince, Raji Shenazard. Prince Raji, determined to own Shirayuki, demands that she become his concubine and Shirayuki cannot refuse it because the command of the Prince is an order of the Kingdom.

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However, Shirayuki doesn’t plan to spend their lives in the bondage to Prince Raji, and since she’s a strongly desirous female, Shirayuki chops most of her hair away and attempts to escape Tanbarun. When she tries to flee to a deep forest, she meets a young man named Zen Wistalia, who seems poisoned by taking a morsel from a poisonsous apples sent by Prince Raji to capture Shirayuki. However, Shirayuki, using her expertise as a herbalist, uses herbs expertly and heals Zen. Zen is, in fact, the second prince of Clarin’s neighbouring country and Zen is able to sneak out Shirayuki in Tanbarun with the help of both of his friends Kiki and Mitzuhide.

Shirayuki, determined to repay Zen’s and her friends’ debts, then decided to become an assembly holder for the court in Clarines, and after clearing an exam, she succeeded in doing so. As the show progresses, Shirayuki is following Clarines with his efforts to make a new life, and he is trying Zen to become a prince worthy.

Shirayuki and Zen later in the show developed romantic feelings and seemed bound to be happy at the end. The duo strikes, though, by the invitation of Prince Raji to a diplomatic summit in Tanbarun from Zen’s oldest brother, Crown prince Izana. Shirayuki is also obliged to attend the summit as a herbalist on Clarines Royal Court and must be at the court of Prince Raji for seven long days. While she fears that Prince Raji will recognise her, she has a mysterious boy named Kazuki to contend with, who is keen to seek her unknown for unknown reasons.

Snow White with the Red Hair Characters:

Red Hair Snow White has an extensive range of characters, yet there are only a handful of them. Below, we have provided brief background information about each of the principal characters.

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Shirayuki is the leading protagonist in the show: an intelligent, cheerful and determined young man, highly qualified in medicine and botany. Shirayuki was a woman who was fiercely self-employed, but at the time she was mature she understanded it was all right to seek support from friends. In the course of the show, despite his apparently arrogant nature and later in the show, she becomes especially close to Zen and admits the same thing.

Zen Wistalia:

Another leading actor at the show is the Second Prince of Clarines, Zen. An excellent swordsman with the crap for action, Zen is initially arrogant with Shirayuki, who doesn’t like him about his behaviour. However, later, she realised that Zen wasn’t really arrogant, and she began to fall in love with Zen. When two of these are in love, the young prince reciprocates and says to his elder brother Crown Prince Izana that he wants to marry Shirayuki and spend the remainder of his life with her.

Mitsuhide Rouen:

Mitsuhide has been designated to keep Zen watch as one of Zen’s closest and loyal helpers by Crown Prince Izana. So since the young prize was 17 years, Mitsuhide has accompanied Zen on all his adventures and misadventures, with a very close relation. Not only Zen’s guardian, but also his friend, Mitsuhide and Zen, is usually seen as a friend. Mitsuhide, a skilled swordman like Zen, has a good, honest and caring personality.

Kiki Seiran: 

Another one of the closing helpers of Zen, Kiki is an expert swordsman and a great friend of Mitsuhide. Both she and Mitsuhide notice Zen’s appeal to Shirayuki, and urge him to show honesty for his feelings. Although Kiki has an outgoing and loving personality, he can be extremely cold and harsh to trouble-makers. Later in the exhibition, Kiki reveals that for six years she decided to be Zen’s assistant and she has left one year in her agreement. She tells Mitsuhide about her plans to go home and helm the household of Seiran. After all of this, Mitsuhide is hurt and heartbreaked, calling on Kiki to remain in the castle with him. When Kiki learns that Zen is determined to make his queen Shirayuki, she takes her dad to confront him, and, after some difficulties, she extends her stay at the castle.


Obi is the mysteriousest character and works for Zen as another leading character of the show. Because he mainly hides his face under a mask, many consider him to be a bad guy. However, until much later the reasons Obi works for Zen are not well known, when Obi’s feelings are revealed for Shirayuki.

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