Why clear signage around your business is crucial

clear signage
clear signage

Chances are, you already have signage around your business. But have you ever considered how important clear signage actually is?

Although clear signage is on many businesses’ agendas, a staggering amount of organizations don’t see it as such a vital aspect. But it is. Not only is clear signage imperative to follow Health and Safety regulations, but it also contributes to the success of the business, communicating clearly and concisely to employees and visitors alike.

If you’re still not convinced that clear signage is important for your business, we’ve rounded up our top 5 reasons you should review your signage.

  1. It keeps employees safe and happy

Not only are health and safety signs important to communicate to employees, but they also let act as a gentle reminder as to the safest and most effective ways of working. With the cost of injuries stacking up to a staggering £16.2 billion , it quite literally pays to keep your employees safe!

By clearly displaying mandatory signs around the workspace, you can reduce the chances of your employees getting hurt as a result of sloppy practice.

  • It keeps them informed

Not only does it keep employees safe, but it also keeps them informed. For example, if you have a junior employee entering an area where protective equipment must be worn, clear signage lets them know what must be worn and in what area to avoid being put in danger.

In the same breath, clear signage also protects visitors from harm. Unlike your employees, visitors won’t have had the same health and safety training as your salaried employees.  

  • It’s a legal requirement

Not only is clear signage helpful, but did you know it’s also a legal requirement? The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 sets out the duties employers have towards their employees and members of the public. As part of this is the requirement for clear signage.

Companies that fail to comply may face hefty fines or serious reputational damage.

  • It prevents hazards

For a lot of workspaces, there are various hazards to be aware of that may not be obvious to passersby. For example, farms and construction sites are littered with dangers that may not be recognised by the general public. By having clear signage, you can protect the public and your staff by warning them of the dangers.

Even hazards such as wet floors should be highlighted!

  • Communication

Finally, clear signage is an easy way to communicate to the mass public. Rather than warning everyone verbally as they enter the premises, signage is clear, easy to understand and will save you a potential headache further down the line.

Although signage is often pushed down to the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list, it’s a crucial activity for any business and will save a lot of time and money later down the line. Not only will you protect yourself legally, but by having clear signage, you can keep your employees and customers happy at the same time.

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