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Carol McGiffin
Carol McGiffin

The UK radio and TV host, Carol McGiffin is best known for her long-standing collaboration as a panelist for the afternoon talk “Loose Women.” In 2018, she returned to the show after a short 5 years hiatus, starting in 2013. Carol has made her way for success, focused mostly on her wits and her will, despite her turbulent childhood. As a host, before she appeared on TV, she made it big on the radio. She began as a production assistant for a little music channel called the ‘Music Box. Since 1995 she has been involved with ‘Talk Radio UK.’ She was always an artist, she fanced. She published her autobiography after several failed efforts, ‘Oh, Carol! In 2010. In 2010.

Childhood and Early Life

Carol Deirdre McGiffin was born to John McGiffin and Heather Barham on 18 February 1960 in North London. She’s got two sisters, Mark, Kim, and Tracy.

Her elder sister, Kim, was particularly close to Carol, who was like a second mother. She had difficult ties to both Mark and Tracy, her younger siblings. Both of them now, though, work together well.

During Carol’s infancy, the McGiffin family moved homes regularly. When she was just one year old, they moved to Maidstone, Kent. They mainly stayed on the streets since their dad was a manager of the food chain. On Week Street they had a spacious home.

She was as a child, a very deceptive creator. The mother of Carol caught her once with all the papers she had stored. It is claimed that she had stolen organs of the mouth. She was rebuked, pulled into the shop, apologised, and returned organs of her mouth that she had robbed over time.

The family of Carol relocated to a new home in 1964. His dad left his dad to be with another person prematurely. Afterwards the rest of the family went down the slope. Carol’s mother was not able to afford the rent by herself and brought her children to the Maidstone Borough Council, where they were educated.

Their first school on Oxford Road in the Shepway Estate was ‘Shepway Infants.’ She had regular free meals at school, since her mother didn’t have enough resources every day to provide meals. Later she attended Maidstone’s South Borough Girls School. At the age of 16, after a strip of low grades, she left school.


Carol began broadcasting in 1984 as a cable music corporation called “Music Box” which is considered a precursor to “MTV” in the United Kingdom, operated behind the camera. While originally applying for a video jockey role, she started her life as an assistant producer and ended as a production manager.

In the late 80s, she met the presenter and voice artiste of the radio and the radio station, Chris Evans, who invited her to be co-hosting his weekly radio program, ‘Round in Chris.’

In 1995, Carol and Moz Dee co-presented the weekend show “The Rude Awakening” as one of the founding members of “Talk Radio United” sports radio stations. After the evening show was canceled in September that year, she became a music expert for the station. Over the next six months, she hosted her own Friday evening show and appeared on Jonathan King’s show at a weekly guest.

By the end of 1996, she began hosting the ‘Liberty Radio’ breakfast segment with Richard Skinner. For six months, she kept hosting the program. For the next couple of years, she has been working on various shows with renowned television and radio presenters Paul Ross and Nick Abbot.

In 1999, she collaborated with Nick Abbot on London ‘LBC’ radio station. After 6 months, however, he left the station and Carol remained alone until September 2000. Your show on ‘LBC’ on Sunday morning was very successful. In 2002, she partnered again with Abbot for an occasional appearance in ‘True Radio.’ She left LBC in 2000 and came back to LBC in 2006. She has a few phone-ins at ‘BBc London Live.’

Her success came as a 2003 ‘ITV’ talk show, called ‘Loose Women.’ As a frequent panelist she participated in the lunchtime chat show and became a favorite with her bold points of view and candor. She gave various opinions and amusing stories, almost outrageous. She announced her departure from the show in 2013, after having been an integral part of the show for 10 years, and admitted that she has always been thinking about it.

Her autobiography, ‘Oh, Carol, has been published in 2010. ,’ an in-depth collection of her life’s memories and experiences. The book not only spoke of her broken family trying to survive but also her own feelings for her siblings as a second child. The book represented the simplistic essence of the book.

She was performed at ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in 2013 and then appeared at the show ‘Channel 5’ (from 2014 to 2018).

Carol announced her return in 2018 as a gigantic gift to her fans and continues to make the show fun.

Family & Personal Life

Marc Cassery, who is 22 years younger than the TV idols, is married to Carol McGiffin. They had spent ten years in a secret ceremony in Bangkok before bonding the knot in 2018. The two of them were in the news after they began to rumor about their union. In one of the ‘Loose Women’ episodes of Carol was questioned by her colleagues and she had to announce Mark’s marriage on national television.

Her co-host Chris Evans had been married to Carol earlier. From 1991 to 1994, the year they separated. They were married. They ended their divorce in 1998.

In 2015 she told her fans that since 2014 she has been fighting breast cancer. For the next few years, she has endured turbulent times only to return to ‘Loose Women’ heroically in 2018.

Over the years, McGiffin has chosen a peaceful, profitably demanding life to ensure peace.


Once upon a time Carol McGiffin pictured moving from the Southern French village and writing books at a window with a spectacular view. She tried several times to conclude a written article, but her written work eventually made its way into a folder on her shelf called ‘Books.’

She bought a slanket with a clothes, which can be wrapped around the body to limit movement, to minimize the lack of motivation to conclude writing a novel. As explained in the introductory section of her book, she had the habit of trying and falling whenever she wanted to come up to sit and write from her assigned location.

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Carol Mcgiffin Bio, Wiki, Age, Chris Evans, Mark Cassidy, Wedding, Net Worth

She was born in London, England on 18 Feb 1960, at the age of 60 by 2020. The date of McGiffin’s birthday is February 18 and the Aquarius’ birth symbol.

Carol McGiffin Height

Carol is at 5’9′′ height (1.75 m). She is a woman of high height, and in her photographs she often seems to be very tall. Information on actual body weight and body measurements of McGiffin are currently not open to the public. We keep tabs and update this information when it is done.

Carol McGiffin Education

Carol went to Oxford Lane, where McGriffin left school at the age of 16 due to bad grades to take free school meals. Although she dropped out, Carol was not desperate to fulfill her aspirations and desires as a radio and TV channel.

Carol McGiffin Parents and Sister

In London, England, Carol was born to her two parents. Her dad John McGiffin has been employed as a food chain operator and no information is known about her mother Heather Barham. McGiffin nevertheless grew up with three mothers, Kim and Tracy sisters, and a Mark child. Carol has been brought up through struggle and has had a very tough relationship with her sisters, but sisters and family of McGiffin have currently a stable relationship. But in Jan 2017, Carol’s sister died.

Carol also revealed that her parents always moved around, making it difficult for them to make friends. However, Carol and her sisters and brothers had to be raised in the house of the Maidstone Borough Council, their father abandoned his mother. McGiffin’s mother’s second child, describing her life in her book Oh, Carol, as a second sister!

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Carol McGiffin Husband Mark Cassidy Wedding

There is no detail about Carol’s husband Mark Cassidy. The couple, however, took part in 2008 and exchanged vows before McGiffin lost her sister. She’s married to Mark Cassidy at the moment. At a private wedding ceremony in 2018, Mark Cassidy married McGiffin in Thailand. Moreover, no family members or friends had been welcomed into his wedding by the couple.

In her talk, Carol also showed how Mark Cassidy her partner helped in 2015 in fighting breast cancer. Carol also revealed that her speech show Loose Women had previously had two abortions. When she was 38 years old and before with her former partner she became pregnant on a one-night stand.

Carol’s Mark Cassidy husband is 38 years old by 2020. The 22 year gap between her and her wife Mark Cassidy, McGiffin has openly discussed. In addition, she disclosed that she really loves Mark Cassidy and that his partner is not a toyboy or anything.

Carol McGiffin Husband Net Worth | Mark Cassidy Net Worth

The estimated Net Worth for Carol McGiffin’s husband Mark Cassidy was about $100,000 ND$1M by 2020. This applies to his assets, money and revenue. Mark Cassidy has accumulated a good fortune through its various sources of income, but prefers a modest way of life.

Carol McGiffin Net Worth

Net Worth is estimated at $9 million by Carol McGiffin as of 2020. This covers her assets, her money and her income. Her main source of income is her medium and TV personality career. McGiffin has accumulated a good fortune through its various revenue sources, but prefers to conduct a modest lifestyle.

Here are some interesting facts that you should know about Carol and measurements of body.

Carol McGiffin Chris Evans, First Husband

Carol had married Chris Evans before. In 1988 Carol had met the two former couples when Chris wrote his report for the TV station. He was a producer for Music Box TV. From the moment she found him in his orange hair, McGiffin became familiar with Chris Evans. Later Chris Evans invited Carol to perform What’s On. The two lovebirds slept together for the first time in Dunkerque after a funny night of drinking and fun.

After it was decided by Chris Evans and McGiffin and Chris moved into Carol’s apartment. With time, however, Chris started to stay with his ex-friends late at night, which had problems with the couple. McGiffin decided to quit, but Chris opposed her with an offer to get married. The two love birds married on 17 September 1991 at a secret marriage ceremony.

But the two-star wedding struck an upheaval and the neck started to have endless arguments. McGiffin defines Chris Evans as insane, dependent, and violent in her marriage. After Chris Evans announced on the broadcast Carol’s divorce, the couple separated in 1993. In 1998, the former couple were divorced. They don’t share children, but Chris is married to Natasha at present.

Carol McGiffin Broadcast Career

As a background production assistant at ‘Music Box’ she started her journalism career in 1984. She made her way through the chain with time and was Music Box’s Production Manager. McGiffin also helped launch the ‘Talk Radio UK’ radio station in 1995. The show ‘The Rude Awakening’ was co-presented along with Moz Dee

Moreover, before joining Liberty Radio in 1996, she had regular appearances on Jonathan King’s show. After moving to London in 1999, Carol became very famous, working until 2000 before coming back in 2006. She also presented BBC London Live live telephone shows. Carol is also a popular poet, apart from journalism. She wrote the ‘Oh, Carol’ autobiography! ,’ published in 2010.

In the following shows McGiffin also featured:

  • Daily Cooks Challenge
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – Contestant (2007)
  • Tonight with Trevor McDonald
  • Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway
  • The Paul O’Grady Show – Guest
  • The Jack Docherty Show
  • 8 Out of 10 Cats – Panellist
  • Friday Night with Jonathan Ross
  • Celebrity Juice – Panellist
  • The Justin Lee Collins Show
  • The Wright Stuff (2014)
  • OK! TV
  • Pointless – Contestant
  • This Morning (2012, 2016) – Newspaper Reviewer
  • Celebrity Big Brother (Summer 2013) – Housemate
  • Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side (Summer 2013) – Guest
  • Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Psych (Winter 2014) – Panellist

FAQs About Carol McGiffin

Carol is a popular Loose Women panelist. She co-hosted a show in the London radio station until she joined Loose Women. Loose Women airs 12.30 hours Loose Women. @ITV, @weareSTV, and ITV Hub weekdays.

Carol is a popular Loose Women panelist. She co-hosted a show in the London radio station until she joined Loose Women. Loose Women airs 12.30 hours Loose Women. @ McGiffin is sixty as of 2020 on weekdays on @ITV, She is a British citizen born in London, England on Feb 18, 1960. Carol is 1.75m above sea level.

Mark Cassidy’s married to her. In 2018, they married in a private marriage ceremony in Thailand. In addition, she was married to Chris Evans previously.

Carol McGiffin has a net worth of about $9 million from her prosperous career in the news and television industries.

In London and France, she is citizen. She owns houses. We will also quickly upload pictures of her house as soon as we have their exact place of residence.

McGiffin’s safe and alive. Her husband Mark Cassidy was affected by breast cancer approximately in 2015, but she supported her through the care with emotional support.

Carol continues her journalism career. She works for Loose Women on ITV as a regular panelist and hosts the Global Player Podcast.

LOOSE WOMAN Who is Carol McGiffin, who’s the Loose Women star’s partner, when was she married to Chris Evans and which TV shows has she hosted?

Known for her crazy opinion and amusing observations, she’s now returning to the show she has been facing for 10 years.

Known for her wild views and funny remarks – she made her big return to her 10 year display.

Here is what we know about her husband and the outspoken host.

Who is Carol McGiffin?

Carol McGiffin is a TV figure and a host.

She was born on 18 February 1960 and is most notable for his comedy style of observation.

In recent years, she has been best known for her role in the Loose Women Panel from 2003-2013.

She recently returned as a guest panellist years after her departure.

Prior to her appearance she said: “I did my last show on the Loose Women almost exactly five years ago, and I must confess that I missed it – more than one! – So next week I’m completely happy to be back at the display. I’m a little anxious, but I’m more excited to sit down with the girls behind this desk and do my best – talk scrap! ”

On Thursday, the 5th of July, Carol announced after a turbulent few years that she had had a facial lift.

The star addressed the loss of her sister to cancer and her recent challenges, including cancer, in 2017.

Carol spoke with Best Magazine in September and admitted that she claimed that, while she had beaten it once, she would finally get away from cancers.

She said I’m 58 I will probably still die from cancer, but I don’t think it will be tomorrow so I’m getting on with stuff.”

Who is the Loose Women star’s partner?

Carol is with Mark Cassidy, her former toy partner, who saw her battling breast cancer.

Mark (36) was 58 years old and in 2008 the issue appeared to Carol and the pair were still man and woman.

Carol disclosed earlier that Mark feared she had lied to her that after seeing him strike a close resemblance to her grandmothers she didn’t want a boy.

When they began to date almost a decade ago, both TV presenter and Mark were decided that they did not want children.

When was Carol McGiffin’s wedding to Chris Evans?

In 1991, Carol married Chris Evans, former co-host, but his marriage collapsed in 1994.

In 1998 they ended their divorce.

What shows has she hosted?

Carol presented several radio and TV shoes in addition to Loose Women.

She began her career with the help of her former wife Chris Evans on GLR.

Carol was the founding member of Talk Radio Great Britain and since then, amongst others, he has been a journalist for This Morning.

She also stopped at Celeb Big Brother in 2013, finishing fourth.

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