CBD vape pens reduce the addiction to smoking: what is science saying?

CBD vape
CBD vape

Smoking is not safe for health. Even the product itself says that it is hazardous. Thinking about quitting smoking!! But not sure how to leave it, and you are searching for the best way to quit the smoking addiction. This article will help you to know if Vaping is good for quitting smoking addiction. Smoking harms your body’s organs and nearly causes death at a certain point.

If you are a smoker, it is best to think about quitting smoking. There are many ways to quit smoking or at least pave the way towards a life without smoking.

Replacing cigarette smoking with vaping can be a great help to minimize exposure to harmful chemicals. Switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping products can give short-term health improvements. You can check out the best CBD vape pens.

CBD Vaping:

Most of the Vaping oil is extracted from CBD. CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound obtained from the Cannabis plant. It is a non-psychoactive drug that includes hemp. CBD does not contain the amount of THC that will give the psychotic effects. Cannabidiol also treats various health conditions like anxiety, insomnia, and pain. The ill effects occur from the products that contain nicotine or THC.

Effect of Nicotine

Nicotine is one of the main ingredients causing addiction. It may or may not be available in E-Cigarettes but available in Cigarettes. It creates a carving feeling to use it more and more. It is also a toxic substance.

When tobacco burns, it releases many cancer-causing chemicals. Vaping is less harmful than smoking. Vaping products without nicotine have only a fraction of the effects of 7,000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Vaping has lower levels of harmful chemicals that are available in smoke. Vaping has been a great tool to speed up the drop in smoking rates. Using vaping is also not that easy for you to quit smoking. There are a lot of things involved.

Ingredient used in Vaping:

The products sold in the market never include only one ingredient. A variety of substances combined in vaping oil may raise concerns. There are tonnes of brands and manufacturers in the market selling vape products. Sometimes Manufacturers may have added a solvent to the vaping oil. These solvents are mixed in vaping oil to make them inhalable through the cartridge.

The two common solvents are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The effect on human health for the long term is unknown. Manufacturers use the solvents that are FDA approved, named GRAS (Generally Recognized Safe). FDA has considered it safe to ingest into the digestive tract. But not precisely recommended safe to inhale into the lungs.

The fact is the FDA has not maintained a list of chemicals safe to inhale. GRAS standard applies to food. So there is no FDA-approved list of substances for vaping twisted extracts. So manufacturers are on their own to figure chemical combinations that will work best. The propylene glycol heated can create formaldehyde known as a carcinogen and acetaldehyde. These are also present in cigarette smoke.

A single inhalation from a vape oil can contain polyethylene glycol. A person’s intake of formaldehyde would be nearly the same as smoking an entire cigarette.

We never have the direct answer to the question- CBD vape pens reduce the addiction of smoking.” Because it depends on many other things, the Research on Vape is limited and ongoing.

Vaping will be more efficient if the following things are considered:

  • Avoid using THC-containing vaping products.
  • Research about ingredients included in vaping oil.
  • Know what you are buying.
  • Avoid intake of any other drug with vaping.
  • Do not add any other substance to vaping devices.
  • Maintain proper dosage.

Cartridge, vaping devices, pens are used for Vaping. This is to store and heat the oil that releases a vapor for inhaling if the combination does not produce any harmful components.

The inhalation process, its effect not only depends on CBD but also based on the device used, its voltage, and even its temperature. Picking vaping helps in reducing the risk of lung disease, cardiovascular disease compared to smoking. Inhalation is the easiest way to intake CBD. Inhaling gets CBD directly into the body in higher concentrations. With dosage consideration, vaping is a safer alternative to smoking cannabis.

Research on Vaping

Also, various studies suggest that if vaping involves greater amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), that leads to increased adverse effects. Cannabis use needs to be careful. Maintain the dosage of cannabis to avoid adverse side effects.

The 2019 Study was carried out with a total of 886 participants. With 18.0% in the e-cigarette group, as compared with 9.9% in the nicotine-replacement group. They have reported effects occurring in e-cigarette user and nicotine replacement groups. However, in the end, it concluded that e-cigarettes are more effective for smoking cessation than nicotine replacement therapy.

Quitting Smoking

Smoking is like inhaling the toxic elements directly inside the body. That affects the lungs and also other parts of the human body. Of course, smoking is a way to cure cancer. Quitting will not be accessible, yet it becomes easy if you are mentally ready. The more you work on your mind control, the sooner you will quit smoking. The earlier you decide to leave smoking, the more your body can repair the harmful effects of smoking.


Cannabis from long ago is a drug of abuse. Over some time, various research has been carried out on CBD. The cannabis plant is the complexion of various compounds; some treat addictions; using CBD as a substitute needs more research and evidence.

The study has shown that CBD is acting as an anxiolytic. That can be an alternative treatment for quitting tobacco. Cannabis or CBD vaping may be helpful to quit smoking. Smoking is more like a habit that is an addiction to a drug called nicotine. The interruption in habit causes effects like anxiety.

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