8 Courses To Choose To Join The Armed Forces

Armed Forces
Armed Forces

Deciding on a career is one of the biggest steps one takes in life. Taking that decision means taking the route that leads to your goal. It means narrowing down from the plethora of academic options and focusing on the ones most suited to your career.

The options are pretty clear-cut if you decide on a career in medicine, engineering, media/arts, or business. But what do military aspirants have to do to reach their goal? With so much going on there, what are the proper qualifications needed to excel as a professional officer? Fear not, for we have done the hard work and narrowed down a list of courses and qualifications that’ll help you on the road to the uniformed life. Here is a list of useful courses for your military career.

  1. Political Science

Militaries often have close contact with governments, both their own and foreign. Correspondence with the top level of bureaucracy requires a lot of knowledge and skill, and for that, a political sciences degree comes in handy. Militaries around the world play a crucial role in protecting the interests of their respective governments at most fronts, and an intimate understanding of their systems helps make effective decisions.

  • Strategic Intelligence

Useful intel is one of the key factors driving a successful military setup. It’s essential to form a perfect plan of action when in the field, making intelligence officers a vital part of the team. Intelligence is all about reading and comprehending massive data received every day, which requires quite a lot of skill. If you’re wondering about how to become a military intelligence officer, then a degree in Business and Strategic Intelligence is the right choice for you.

  • Engineering

Yes, you read that right. The military is not all about fighting on the front lines, but it’s also about remaining prepared for any possibility. Engineers are the pillar that keeps the military prepared for any outcome. Engineering wings are responsible for developing and keeping the military armory up to date. Military might is certainly a huge deterrence, and without modern weaponry, there is none. You can join the armed forces as an engineer. It is a highly lucrative career with great chances of growth.

  • Healthcare

What’s the military without healthy officers/soldiers in its employ? Fit professionals are required around the clock in case of any development, especially when on the frontlines. That is where healthcare workers come in. Yes, you can join the military as a doctor or nurse, and for that, healthcare courses will only help you do well in that field. You’ll also travel to the frontlines as a medic, and the skills acquired via this degree will certainly help you work in high-pressure situations.

  • Psychiatrist

Mental health is a prevailing issue in all spheres of life and affects productivity everywhere. The military is no exception to that. You need high morale to keep your troops motivated, and psychiatrists help boost that motivation. With a degree in psychology, you can provide valuable services in helping the troops go forward and keeping their spirits up high.

  • Information Systems and IT

The modern military heavily relies on technology. The art of communication and charting routes has now moved from paper to electronic mediums. This field is constantly evolving, with new interfaces and technology coming up every other day. With a degree in IT, you can have a career developing this technology for the military and keeping them up to date. It’ll only enhance your skills in a specialized capacity.

  • Administration

Military personnel is greatly involved in tasks like supply chain and general administrative tasks. Military setups spread out across the country, and someone needs to manage the supplies and oversee the setup of new units. Administrative officers come in handy here, as their understanding of this field keeps this process efficient. A keen knowledge of the supply-chain system also helps on the frontline where food and other amenities need to be delivered.

  • Law

Yes, the military does have lawyers. Like in any profession of the world, there can be misdoings or misunderstandings that can escalate and cause sourness between two parties. Other than that, officers can come under scrutiny for misunderstandings or treason, which leads to court-martials. To clear your name and avoid damage to your career, you need a lawyer, and the military does have uniformed lawyers to defend your person. You can be one also by obtaining a law degree and then joining the military. A lawyer’s presence saves a good officer from injustice while also keeping that check over corrupt individuals to prevent them from misdoing

The military is a highly diverse profession. Gone are the days where the only criteria of joining the military were to be physically fit. Officers need to be well-educated to combat challenges on and off the field. From engineering, healthcare, administration, and law, the armed forces have it all covered. If you are an aspiring cadet, you have these fields to choose from to have a fulfilling career as military personnel.

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