Challenges Faced By Fitness Personal Training Facilities

Fitness Personal
Fitness Personal

Having a fitness personal training facility with members who are satisfied and will stay loyal to the gym is challenging. Personal trainers need to be aware of these challenges and overcome them because a good business model could mean a good gym. Some of the challenges faced by these facilities include:

  • Members want an easy workout but expect results in the shortest time possible. There are many different programs available in most personal training facilities like https://www.chrisprotein.com/ including high-intensity interval training, sports-specific training, weight lifting, cardio machines, etc. Members may be overwhelmed with having too many choices at their disposal but not know which option would be best for them. The solution is to start with what they want to accomplish when they come into the facility, whether getting faster or stronger or losing weight. Then, the personal trainers can determine which method is best for them. Also, when people are in a gym environment but don’t have specific goals in mind, they often become infatuated with the most conspicuous or flashiest machines. For this reason, it is best to put these flashy machines away from view so that members focus on equipment that has been deemed beneficial by the coaches and trainers.
  • Members who want results need guidance. Members should be told how many exercises will yield their desired result. If someone wants to lose weight, their trainer should give them an idea of how much cardio (cardiovascular exercise) will need to be done at what intensity level and how many reps of what weight training will be needed to accomplish the goal. This is where members and trainers should make a plan together, and they both need to agree on how long it will take. When people sign up for an expensive personal training program, they want quick results and don’t understand why it takes time to get better.
  • Members with unrealistic expectations: As mentioned above, when people expect fast results, they become discouraged when it doesn’t happen quickly enough or want to add too many exercises into their workout without considering recovery times between sets. A good coach should always ask the members if any limitations may prevent them from exercising at full capacity, such as injury or prior surgery, so they know what boundaries exist before making a workout plan. For example, if their trainer asks them to deadlift 200 pounds within the first week without having perfect form, they will end up with an injury that may not go away easily and is very discouraging. Asking for help from a specialist in those cases is ideal as they can quickly determine any pain or issues.
  • Overcrowded facilities: When people attend a gym, it’s usually because they want privacy and quiet time to themselves while working out. When many members are crammed into sweaty facilities next door to each other, sometimes listening to loud rap music through small earphones all at once, personal trainers have trouble hearing what every member wants during every set of reps, which could mean repetition mistakes leading to ineffective workouts and members becoming discouraged.
  • Personal trainers may lack knowledge: Personal trainers need to know how many reps of what weight each member should be doing in every workout. If they don’t, there is a high probability that some members will continue using the same weight even if it isn’t challenging them enough, which leads to stagnation and discouragement. There are certain ways to make sure this doesn’t happen, which involve planned progressions, written programs tailored specifically for each person, and monitoring their form while doing each exercise so that members can’t cheat by letting bad habits sneak into their workout.

Personal training is a job that involves many challenges, but when trainers and members work together effectively, achieving goals becomes much easier.

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