Danielle Savre

Danielle Savre
Danielle Savre

Danielle Savre is an American actress and singer, born in August 26, 1988. Her leading rolls are the MTV Kaya drama 2007, the 2016 TLC drama Too Close to Home and the ABC Gray’s Anatomy spinoff Station 19 as well as her appearance on Wild About Harry and Boogeyman 2. She’s known for her role in television. She was born in California’s Simi Valley.


Savre was cast in the 2006 film Bring It On: Everything or Nothing. In 2006, Savre was cast. She played the role of Madeline, a 1970’s young teenage girl who learns that her father is gay in 2009 with the drama Wild About Harry (originally named American Primitive). Savre was named the leading rock star on the Kaya MTV series for the same year. She played the lead role of Laura Potter in the 2007 horror film Boogeyman 2.

Savre has appeared on TV shows such as The X-Files, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Charmed.

She is recurring in Callie’s Summerland television program and Jackie Wilcox in the Heroes series of the NBC. Her heroes however destroyed her character in the first season’s ninth episode “Homecoming”: once in “Six Months Ago” and twice in the four th season, “Once Upon a Time in Texas” and “Pass/Fail”

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Sarve was cast in the thriller movie adulterers in 2014 as the cheating wife (also known as Avouterie). That same year, in the Supernatural Spinoff series Supernatural: Bloodlines, she was chosen as “Margo, the acting head of the leading shapeshifting family”.

Savre was chosen as leading Anna in the series “Too close to home” by Tyler Perry in 2016.

In 2018, Savre was cast as Maya Bishop on the recent ABC Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, Station 19, as a bisexual firefighting chief.


In her youth, Savre was a member of Sweet Fascination, Trinity and music groups. In her appearance and solo singing, Savre was professionally choreographed by choreographer Shane Sparks. Savre also performed in the MTV music drama Kaya in 2007 as Kaya.

Danielle Savre explains why she feels ‘honored’ to play bisexual firefighter Maya on Station 19 in new issue of Retreat Magazine

She is playing Mayan bisexual firefighter on station 19 of ABC.

Through a new interview in Fall 2018 of Retreat Magazine, Danielle Savre has opened up why she is proud to represent the LGBTQ Community on the screen.

The California blonde, 30 years old, explained how honored she would help ‘break stereotypes’ in her role in a questions and answers accompanied by a stunning photo.

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At the Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa, with Daniel Piersons’ glamorous grace and a video from Smooth Cut Productions, Danielle star strength is evident in the chic photospread shot by Filbert Kung.

Danielle has been eager to play the character Maya Bishop, the first to open up her sexuality early into the season, since the beginning of the Shonda Rhymes favorite Grey’s Anatoy.

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‘I was told that in our first meeting we had a bisexual character and was proud to play! I have several friends in the LGBTQ community and I’m always proud to be their voice in positions I’ve taken over the years.”

“I am very enthusiastic about breaking such myths about LGBTQ characters and promoting ways of diversifying the histories being told. The Summerland actriz, who describes her as straight, has been explaining it.

However Danielle explained that Maya is more than her guiding principle, saying to the publication, “I applaud Stacy McKee, who hasn’t turned Mayan sexuality into an event, and who she is just another facet of.”

Danielle’s bond with her character is profound, with the actress describing how ‘Stacy sets out the facets of Maya, illuminating their faults, strengths and features beautifully.

Maya is a faithful, a trustworthy, ambitious and practical friend, a feminist and a deep-seated critic of herself. Her brother is a rehab addict to winning a gold medal in the London Olympics before hanging her shoes and choosing to become a firefighter, she has too many facets to play.

‘You usually begin a show with a character you have to create without a backstory from the ground up. Maya was given to me with so many interesting and exciting items that made it easy for her to step into her shoes. I’m excited to keep her alive and see how she keeps changing. ”

Although the show had only one season, the fans of Danielle formed a close relationship to the character.

“I have been blessed with the most incredible and faithful fans,” explained Deep Blue Sea 2, actress, “I’ve always been supported by my work and me irrespective of the role or project…”

As for Maya, I have had a big flow of love and acceptance. It’s not only a fan to watch but also to play for me, I believe her passion for life and firefighting.

Savre is also a staunch advocate for inclusion and positivity of body, regardless of its size, by breaking down barriers.

‘I remain true to myself and embrace the way my body always looks,’ she announced.

‘Sometimes it’s not what I want it to look like and that’s all right. Often I want to snack or just indulge in a basket of fries, and it is all right. I think we must remember living. We have to remember. It’s all about fitness, and caring and care for our bodies.

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