Diamond Pendants Designs what the Experts say

Diamond Pendants Designs
Diamond Pendants Designs

Diamonds have always been considered an ideal choice in jewelry. From earrings to rings, anything in a diamond is always more valuable. That is why all over the world, you will see hundreds of people purchasing these beauties in bulk. An individual can use diamonds on any occasion without hesitation, especially diamond pendants.

The worldwide diamond reserves are estimated to be near 1.2 billion carats. For hundreds of years, these precious gemstones have been a part of our lives. In fact, they are a style statement, and one can feel incomplete without them.

Why are Diamond Pendants in Demand?

Almost every lady loves to own diamonds. Nothing can be more satisfying than having a sparkling diamond around your neck. Thus, you should always consider buying   a diamond pendant for your loved one. Whether you gift it to some relative or buy it for a wedding, no one can refuse it.

The central diamond attached to a sleek chain gives off an elegant vibe. Still, you must be careful about the diamond style. There are ample options in the market, but each one isn’t suitable for your needs.

You must pick an option that is modern and easy to wear. After all, it is a gift, so it should reflect your thoughtfulness.

Top Rated Diamond Styles and Designs

Buying a diamond pendant isn’t as easy as it may sound. You will come across multiple diamond styles and various types of wedding jewelry. In addition to style, you will also have to choose a color. All these choices might confuse you. Thus, here we have the latest trending pendant designs.

You could select one depending on the features of the person you are gifting the pendant to. The list includes:

1.    Solitaire Diamond Pendants

The classic solitaire diamond pendant is the favorite of every female. You can not go wrong with it. The central diamond floats on the chain, which makes it unique and attractive. One can pick lab-grown demands or mined stones. Both look equally good with the chain.

You can even pick the color of the diamond you want. These days yellow diamonds are more in fashion, so do consider them.

2.    Pear-Shaped Drop Diamond Pendants

If you want to gift something classic yet exquisite, pear-shaped drop diamond pendants should be your pick. They look gorgeous on your neck and compliment your every body type. The central pear-shaped diamond is a brilliant cut and reflects light from every corner.

You will look magnificent when you pair your stunning pear-shaped pendant with delicate earrings.

3.    Starburst Diamond Pendants

A popular design much in demand is the starburst diamond pendant. There are small diamonds arranged star-shaped, hanging from a chain. You can pick this beauty for a lady of any age. Its classic contemporary styling makes it suitable for every event.

4.    Halo Pendants

Halo pendants have been worn for ages but have never gotten out of fashion. Till today, a halo diamond pendant looks breathtaking with every outfit. You can wear it on an everyday basis without any problems.

When picking a gift for someone, a halo pendant is the safest option. There is hardly anyone in the world who wouldn’t like the style and shape of a halo diamond necklace.

5.    The 3-Stone Design.

Another popular style that is in high demand is the three-stone pendant. It has three diamonds around a delicate chain. Since the pendant has more diamonds, you get the maximum sparkle. In comparison with other options, you will quickly notice a 3-stone necklace on someone’s neck.

6.    Eternity Diamond Pendants

A diamond eternity pendant is an ideal gift for your close ones. It shows your love and makes a statement. The pendant costs more than other minimalistic options, but it is worth every penny.

Instead of picking an old design, you should take fancy to this option. Giving an eternity pendant also signifies your special bond with the other person.

7.    Cross Pendants

If you for something contemporary, go with the diamond cross necklace. It includes a cross shape purely made of diamonds attached to the chain. The petite look is ideal for anyone who likes a minimalistic approach to jewelry.

No matter what style you finalize, envision how you or someone else will look in it. Getting a heavy pendant might not be in your best interest. Thus, choosing one of these styles is better.

What Factors to Consider Before Choosing A Pendant?

Purchasing diamond pendants is a massive investment, so you must ponder over things like the cut, weight, and color of the diamond. If you do not research on your end, you might make an incorrect choice. So think of the following things in advance:

  • Cut: The diamond cut matters a lot. If a diamond isn’t cut accurately, it will not shine brightly. When it comes to diamond wedding sets, shine matters the most. Choose the best-cut diamonds, if you want your diamond to reflect light from every angle.
  • Color: Diamonds are available in several colors. You can pick a pink or yellow lab-grown diamond, but it should match the chain and setting of the pendant.
  • Shape: There are choices in a diamond shape as well. From oval to heart-shaped diamonds, there are multiple options. However, look at the wearer’s style to find the perfect match.
  • Diamond size: Whether you choose a one-carat diamond or something greater, depends on your liking. However, going for a bigger diamond might not always be preferable. Most experts believe that a one or two-carat diamond looks best on your neck. It has more clarity and a better color grade.
  • Chain and clasp: Along with the diamond, pay attention to the chain and clasp. Most people prefer cable chains as they are solid and elegant. Similarly, a lobster clasp is more suitable for keeping your pendant safe.
  • Chain length: Getting a long or short chain will create problems for the wearer. You won’t be able to wear a short chain, and anything longer than 19 inches will hang below your neck. So, measure the person’s neck before buying the pendant.
  • Certification: Always buy certified diamonds, or you might experience fraud. Some dealers sell low-valued diamonds for a higher price, so be careful. Only purchase certified and approved diamonds.


Diamonds have always remained in fashion and especially pendants. So when picking gifts, do check out the latest diamond collection in stores. A diamond pendant is the best gift you could give to anyone. It shows your excellent taste as well as your love for the person.

Whether you pick solitaires or anything else, each has its unique qualities. All you need to do is find the perfect option that fits your criteria. Don’t forget to check the size, color, and other features. You can make an excellent choice when you think carefully.

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