Fruits that can Boost immunity in Men

boost immunity
boost immunity

The COVID pandemic has been an unfortunate time for many of us. But those who survived like us surely learned a lot of things. Which earlier we didn’t take care of. One such thing is the strengthening of the immunity system.

We began eating foods that Boost immunity as a prevention to the coronavirus. In case the immunity fails, then external medications are given to get rid of the foreign substance in the body.

Certain food elements are not medicines but they instead strength the existing immunity system to fight strongly against diseases. Usually, whenever we think of Boost immunity, we talk of pills but there are natural options also. Some fruits strengthen your immunity system by acting as Boost immunity.

In this article, we shall learn about such fruits who along with providing vitamins and minerals make our immune system stronger.

Banana–I think what of many things which a common man can afford in these times, Banana is surely one of them. In 10 rupees you get 2 large size bananas enough to fill your stomach. It is surely one of the cheapest immunity boosters which an average-earning family could afford.

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Banana is primarily the source of carbohydrates but it is also one of the main sources of Vitamin B6. Carbohydrates as you already know provide you with quick energy. You may have seen cricketers and athletes eating a banana during the game.

Vitamin B6 is the ingredient that strengthens the immunity of the body. In simple words, the blood circulation of the blood is improved.

Improving blood circulation solves multiple problems at a time like Erectile Dysfunction (ED), high blood pressure, hypertension. Disturbed blood circulation even affects your married life in the worst possible manner. The penis is unable to remain erect for the desired period due to an insufficient supply of blood in the body. Not only the male himself but his wife or girlfriend also feels disappointed.

In such cases, the people try to counter ED pills like Cenforce, Vidalista, Fildena from Arrowmeds to make their penis re-erect. Doctors usually advise patients to consume bananas while taking these pills. Eating Banana regularly helps blood reach all parts of the body.


Another natural immunity booster that can increase your chances to remain safe from foreign viruses is oranges. Being an abundant source of vitamin c (ascorbic acid), it keeps cells safe from degenerating too quickly.

Another positive trait of orange must be unknown to most people. That is, the oranges help in relieving you from stress. Yes!! That’s exactly the surprise of the day.

And we all know the disasters which stress can do on our body. From anxiety, depression to Erectile Dysfunction stress is a condition that invites multiple diseases. Because nobody wants to live a stressed and tense person. Everyone has problems in their life, they want a partner that could help to lower their stress.

But if every day her partner is himself tensed and scratching his head it will get irritating. High levels of stress also lower your interest in sexual pleasure resulting in less physical interactions with your partner. Partners of such people are caught in extramarital affairs because the male is always stressed and occupied with himself. He has no time for his partner’s desires, needs so she looks for someone else.

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Try eating 1 or 2 oranges daily for a few weeks or months then observe the change within you.

Apple– Now we would come to know what the reasons are that eating an apple every day can keep the doctor away. Everyone knows that apple is a fiber-rich food. And fiber is roughage that helps in the smooth movement of the undigested matter in the excretion process.

But how does it improve your immunity? The above process is more concerned about improving your constipation problems.

The skin of the apple contains a micronutrient called quercetin. This quercetin is a natural immunity booster. It lowers sky-high blood pressure, reduces itching, inflammation. Even the risk of cancer is minimized, the activity in the nerves is increased resulting in the alertness of the mind.


The above-listed fruits are just the tip of the ice-berg. In times of pandemic when we are locked inside our homes, we should take utmost care of our health. The diet should be such that doesn’t stuff our stomach till the brim. You should feel light, relaxed, and relieved. Fruits should be the major chunk of your meal all the three-time of the day.

Lower the high-calorie content food items because you would be staying at home either watching T.V, reading books, playing indoor games, etc. These activities do not require much energy to be spent.

Don’t start taking pills in the name of immunity boosters assuring of protecting from the corona. When you have a natural option to boost your immunity then why go for the chemical one. Fruits are natural substances if it doesn’t work don’t worry you enjoyed the taste after all.

Nature has everything that you actually need, as all supplements that you take in the form of meds are extracted from the nature itself. Hence, try to be focused back to nature. This is the only way to get rid of all the hazards and bring back life to your immunity. Make it a point that one of the strongest reasons for suffering from low immunity is for too much acceptance of meds and fast foods. Restrict them and depend on nature to get rid of low immunity.

Fruits and vegetables are some of the straight away extracts of the natural supplements. So, it is time to spend your money not on the drugs more or not even on the fast foods with extra spices and synthetics. When you do that, you will surely be on the better edge of staying fit and that is not only from the general ailments, but also from the dangerous Covid. So, do practice yourself and also ensure that your family members do practice them for a better life.

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