How do the Police Catch Drunk Drivers?

Drunk Drivers
Drunk Drivers

Since drunk driving has become rampant, the police have devised sophisticated ways to catch drunk drivers. Though a DUI charge is incredibly serious and you should always use a designated driver for nights out on the town, DUIs can be beaten in a court of law. Learn more here. Here are a few methods the police use to catch drunk drivers in the act.

Roadside Checks

Police set up stop points to check for drunk drivers. They will ask you to roll down your window, and they’ll look for signs of impairment that can include alcohol odor and dilated pupils (the police use a shiny flashlight and will check how your eyes react). Police often select locations that have both high traffic and obstructions, so it is hard for drivers to see the stop point until it’s too late. Police like being on the opposite side of an overpass where drivers cannot see until after passing by, making them unable to turn around if necessary.

Calls Made by the Public

A drunk driver will be caught because he or she does the drinking in public and someone decides to call the police on them. If you drink in a bar, then drive home, it is likely that someone will report your car or license plate number to the police. Eating at fast-food restaurants can also lead to getting caught- many times employees call the police on drunk drivers who just pull up through the drive-thru.

Police Patrols

Drinking in public is a crime and officers will patrol bars and nightclubs to watch for drunk drivers. Once the drunk driver gets behind the wheel, these undercover or unmarked police cars pull them over. If you drink publicly and then drive, you’ll get caught by the police.

Driving to a Liquor Store While Drunk

If you drive to a liquor store while drunk, the employees will report you to the police. The police and security guards also patrol the parking lots, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, to check for drunk drivers.

Making Obvious Mistakes

A drunk driver with extremely high blood alcohol levels will often swerve across lines and may drive at an unusually fast or slow speed. The police can tell that someone is drunk because of the obvious mistakes they make. This will prompt the police to pull you over as per DUI laws advice.

Individuals May Report Themselves

Pulling over and calling the police is not a good idea if you are drunk – it will lead to big charges and lifelong consequences. According to DUI laws advice, the right thing to do when driving intoxicated is to pull over, call your car-service company, or ask a sober friend for help. Calling the police on yourself seems like an act of righteousness but ends with tremendous costs that can affect your future for years afterward.

Family Members and Friends May Report to the Police

There’s always a chance that those you’re drinking with will turn you in, even if it’s your friends and family. Do not assume they won’t call the police on you, just because they don’t want to confront or speak to you about it face-to-face. They may anonymously report this information by calling 911. In reality, these people are providing valuable insight into how many people react when someone drinks heavily around them. They would rather not confront their loved ones about it but don’t mind seeing them charged for what they did.

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