What To Pack Before A Trip To Kentucky


There is a lot more to Kentucky that people are aware of, and a trip to Kentucky might be the perfect idea for your next adventure.

Kentucky is a state in the southeastern region of the United States where rivers define Kentucky’s boundaries except to the south where it shares a border with Tennessee.

Even though Kentucky isn’t a popular travel destination in the United States, there are still plenty of things you can do and have fun during your stay.

Kentucky is all about bourbon and horses. After all, it hosts the most popular race probably in the world, The Kentucky Derby which is scheduled for 7th May this year. You can check here the past Kentucky Derby winners by TwinSpires.

On top of that, there is great live music, craft beer, chef-driven cuisine, a lot of American history, family fans and exploring the outdoors.

So, if you plan on visiting Kentucky, here are some essentials you shouldn’t forget.

What to Wear?

Kentucky enjoys four distinct seasons, each with its own virtues, so packing the right clothes depends on the time of your visit. Kentucky has an average annual high of 87oF in the Summer and an average low of 23oF during winter.

In other words, winters can get cold, and summers are not that hot. So, if you are planning on a trip this summer, or during the Kentucky Derby on May 7th, you should pack light but always be prepared for a cold and rainy day.

However, if you managed to get tickets for the Kentucky Derby horse race then you need to seriously think about your outfit. The Kentucky Derby is one of the most prestigious horse races in the world, so you need to improve your fashion game.

Another important outfit piece is the sunglasses and hats. Packing hats might be difficult, but it makes a big difference, especially if you are attending horse races. Sunglasses on the other hand will protect you from the sun and add some flavor to your outfit.


Plug Adapter

A plug adapter might be necessary, especially if you are visiting Kentucky from overseas. It is good to carry a plug adapter that supports outlet types A and B, but make sure to check with your hotel before traveling.

Photography Accessories

In order to capture the moment, you need the right photography accessories. It is great if you bring a smartphone gimbal or a camera drone for the outdoors. Also, don’t forget the extra batteries and memory cards required to record your journey.

Power Bank

When you are in Kentucky, chances are that you’ll spend a large part of the day outside. This means that charging your phone might not be available at all places. That’s why it is important to bring a power bank to keep your devices charged at all times.

Health Necessities

It is always important to carry a first aid kit with you, especially when you travel to places like Kentucky where you’ll be spending a lot of the time outdoors.

Even though COVID-19 restrictions are dropping, it is good to carry a hand sanitizer and a mask with you just to be safe. Additionally, you should bring water purification tablets just to avoid ruining your journey and catching a stomach sickness during your stay.

The summer temperature in Kentucky is not very high, but carrying sunscreen is important in order to protect your skin.

Final Words

Kentucky is a great state with plenty of things to do. Apart from the big horse racing tradition and incredible races, you can also visit the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, Daniel Boone National Forest, Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park, and Mammoth Cave National Park.

The temperature is present, although there are frequent rain showers that might ruin your outdoor experience. Either way, with this packing guide you should be prepared for your journey.

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