Millions of individuals have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seriously disrupted social and economic life. The spread of this pandemic has certainly touched everyone. It has had a detrimental impact on everything, including social life and mental health. But despite these atrocities, some individuals persevere, set aside their hardships, and look ahead. One such individual is the acclaimed plastic surgeon Dr. Ross Blagg.

One of Austin’s well-known and board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Ross, acquired the virtues of perseverance and hard work while growing up on a farm. He has always been motivated to advance in the medical field despite several obstacles to his passion for adventure and altruism. He never considered giving up and never allowed challenges to affect him; in fact, they have only made him stronger!

Before the pandemic hit places like Haiti and Guatemala, Dr. Ross would make 1-2 surgical mission trips yearly to these areas. However, his philanthropic mission came to a halt with the rising COVID-19 cases, and he was unable to travel abroad. Dr. Ross Blagg did not stumble one bit and began to scour his country for individuals seeking a plastic surgeon but who are unable to avail of their services financially.

Dr. Ross Blagg enjoys adventure, travel, the arts, science, and even plastic surgery. Due to the pandemic, he had the chance to combine all the things he loved and embark on a new adventure. This was when he established Lyfe in Plastic Productions, a production business dedicated to bringing medical realms to life in a narrative-driven, daring way. One of its projects is the Plastic Surgery Road Trip.

After COVID-19, one of Dr. Ross Blagg’s projects, the PSRT, allowed him to develop as a physician through which he has emotionally connected with patients and their tales. In fact, one of his current favorite aspects of his profession is getting to know people from various walks of life and experiencing their transformative journeys with them.

According to Dr. Ross, “Plastic Surgery Road Trip has allowed me to combine my passion for adventure, philanthropy, and being creative.” Nevertheless, despite the numerous drawbacks of COVID-19, Dr. Ross Blagg persisted and continued to put his patients first. As a result, he can now confidently assert that nothing can prevent him from attaining his objectives and dreams.

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