Learn the Art of Balancing Personal Life and a Thriving Business from HR Influencer Jeremy Jenson

Jeremy Jenson
Jeremy Jenson

Everyone struggles with work-life balance in this world, and with our work lives getting more arduous by the day, it is nearly impossible to have a life outside of it. CEOs worldwide are dedicated more than ever to retaining the workforce by making their workplace more and more comfortable.

Jeremy Jenson, an HR recruiter from Texas, talks about the importance of work-life balance because, according to him, it directly impacts our overall sense of well-being. An enthusiastic self-starter, he has single-handedly built his own business from nothing and flourished in the local community as well, while still maintaining a fulfilling life. He is the epitome of work-life balance.

Jeremy, being a respected pillar of the community, who also enjoys a good social life, uses the power of delegation to maintain a work-life balance. Work pressure, burnout, and personal commitments can hinder both life and work for us. As a leader, he has a policy for his employees to delegate the work and then get out of the way, because he believes in giving people enough space to develop, unleash their true talents and rise among the ranks socially and professionally.

Real and meaningful relationships also make people more productive and help them achieve their goals. Jeremy considers having these relationships a part of what makes a man, and the ability to sustain them, vital to work-life balance. These relationships also help people be more efficient with their time and get work done in order to complete their social obligations. As a community influencer, he understands this and believes it is the reason behind success in life.

Jeremy Jenson has been very open about looking for a life partner, and the community around him considers him an eligible bachelor. He unfortunately went through a divorce awhile back, which he blames on the hardships during the start of his career, so he isn’t just looking for a life partner but also a meaningful relationship, which is something he learned was necessary while creating his multi-million dollar business.

According to his podcast “What Men Want,” Jeremy Jenson encourages people to make time for their loved ones as per their ability. He also encourages people to spend quality time and never worry about quantity. This is what he takes away from his own life teachings and forwards his advice to others for them to hopefully learn and create their best work-life balance.


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