How to Be a Better, More Desirable Man Starting Right Now

wealthy sugar daddy
wealthy sugar daddy

Don’t listen to the hype that would have you believing today’s women don’t want “real” men – good men – anymore. They absolutely do, including the smart, independent ones who could easily write their own tickets in life. But contrary to popular belief, being a “real” man doesn’t mean being macho, selfish, and belligerent.

So what does it mean, and how can a wealthy sugar daddy like you go about achieving that standard? And more importantly, how can you become the kind of man a high-value sugar baby would genuinely want to be with? Here’s a closer look at the essentials you should know.

Take life seriously

You may have noticed that most low-value men who continually strike out with beautiful, high-value women have a few things in common. They have no direction in life, are broke, are emotionally immature, and expect the women they date to be like second mothers to them. Yet they’re shocked that no respectable woman actually wants to be with them.

They simply don’t get that a man isn’t entitled to another man’s good opinion of him or a woman’s company. He needs to be someone who can earn and keep another person’s respect, which means taking life seriously on every level.

A well-to-do sugar daddy type who’s well-liked, well-respected, and desirable to beautiful sugar babies is someone with an excellent character and plenty of integrity. He’s ambitious and works hard at a promising profession that can keep him financially secure. He also spends his time and money wisely, leaving the partying and the video games to lesser men.

Dress the part

Desirable, high-value men don’t just take their lives seriously. They take pride in themselves in a way that shows on the outside, and really, that ought to make a lot of sense. After all, you probably wouldn’t be very interested in dating a woman who doesn’t take care of herself or care about her appearance, right? Well, women feel the same way.

If you don’t already work out and watch what you eat, start. Invest some time, funds, and effort into your grooming routine. And give yourself an upgrade in the style department, as well, while you’re at it. Appearances may not be all that matter. But first impressions are essential, and you won’t always get another chance to make a better one.

Commit to self-improvement

Great men don’t become great in a vacuum. They get that way via a solid commitment to bettering themselves. Yes, improving one’s self physically in the gym is part of that, but so is establishing a routine to help grow your mind and intellect. After all, desirable sugar daddies are whip-smart, distinguished, and fully capable of holding up their end of a stimulating conversation.

Start by determining what you want to master in life. Then apply the five-hour rule to your efforts. That means spending an hour a day, five days a week, actively practicing whatever you’ve chosen in a serious attempt to get better at it. How you do that is up to you, meaning you can read up on a topic you want to know more about, engage in daily lessons, or work on something related to your career. Just make sure you put in the time.

Get comfortable commanding your personal power

Ineffectual, emotionally immature men are as forgettable as they are for many reasons, but a lack of comfort with keeping their personal power within their own control is one of the biggest. A high-value man with solid sugar daddy potential never gives his personal power away. He also knows how to make it work for him.

Start by establishing and maintaining firm, healthy boundaries with other people. Stop saying yes when you really mean no, and make giving in when other people pressure you a thing of the past. Stop spending time with low-value people who bring you down, use you up, and don’t add anything to your life. Instead, surround yourself with people who motivate you, inspire you, and act like the team players you deserve in your life.

Get your dating life together

Let’s face it. No beautiful sugar baby who has a lot going for her and can go out with anyone she wants is going to settle for a guy who has no idea how to treat women or conduct himself like an adult when it comes to sugar dating. That said, it’s officially time to get it together regarding how you approach your love life, especially if you want to be a sugar daddy.

Learn how to engage appropriately with women. Get what you want out of relationships by being honest and upfront from the get-go instead of playing games. Be a gentleman – to everyone, not just the women you date. It won’t be long before you notice a big difference in the quality of your love life.

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