Covid-19 Also Caused a Cybersex Boom


Cybersex or virtual sex is an increasingly booming billion dollars industry thriving at a high pace significantly gained rush during the pandemic. Cybersex or sex technologies are not actually about sex toys nor objects being used for stimulation. To find the best cybersex sites, you will first have to consider what they offer. Some of the most popular sites today offer videos, live chat rooms, and special adult games. Many people are looking for innovative ways to make love and sex during the pandemic and social distance circumstances.

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Cybersex industry consists of an extensive array of shared, hypnotic, and connected erogenous experiences. Virtual and mixed reality, adult chatting platforms (cybersex websites and applications), sex robots, erotic chatbots, artificial erotic agents, everything covered by cybersex industry.

Where pandemic crushed almost everything worldwide, few sectors remained resilient to covid-19, and cybersex was one of them who got a push. Companies’ sales reports clearly observed a sharp hike in purchasing sex toys, dolls, and sex tech start-ups.

When there is pandemic, lockdown, restrictions for keeping social distance, no hangouts, people have no option left except sex tech to meet emotional, human desires, companionship, sexual pleasures. Sex tech provides creative and inclusive ways to involve humans and machines. Sexual technology will help to relieve the pain of isolation or celibacy and let us stay in touch as long as we await the storm.

In short, the pandemic could provide us with a chance to be a little more “digi-sexual” or technologically focused towards sex requirements. Covid-19 has divided human life into two ears, pre covid-19 and post covid-19. Many people are still confused on how could be we divided, but the fact remains we never encouraged sharing nudes and having internet sex, but during lockdown, this new cybersex or sex tech industry get a boom.

Ironically, a more profound symmetry links the sexual revolutions of then and now, pandemic. Free love met its abrupt end at the hands of Aids, but times, and the tools at our disposal, have changed. While one pandemic cut off a sexual revolution, another pandemic is galvanizing a new one.

The confines that spurred free love were morals, but the confines that mobilize the Gen Z sexual revolution are walls. Stratified by distance, Gen Z is similarly tasked with reinventing what sex looks like in a quarantined world where biological sex is frequently impossible. As free love shattered its time conventions, Gen Z’s sexual renaissance is doing the same for organic sexual connection.

Sharing among closest friends the nudes foreplay and having combined masturbation sessions via zoom, how one could differentiate virtual from the real world? Some also suggest cybersex as loneliness or isolation. We see humanity at its tenderest, earnestly achieving contactless sex through virtual emptiness. The Gen Z sexual revolution, which was reconfigured and resurrected for the modern age, is full of unfiltered longing posted by abandon.

So how this sexual revolution is practical or useful. We don’t know when this pandemic will vanish or even if it went disappeared, life has already been adopted, so many changes such as a mask become part of your dress, social distancing, etc. The point is sharing nude during pandemic doesn’t count anymore. Tech generations’ sex revolution needs something more to meet their needs besides masturbate excessively.

Covid-19 promoted but encouraged to have alternate sex tech exploration, experimenting with nudes, sexting, and camming mostly without real-life (IRL) consequences. Contrary to everyday life, sexual preference is embraced by all the judgmental “forever” trappings. What do people think of me? How is it going to be in person? A pandemic creates–A get-out of the joystick card. There is an abundance of independence in the absence of repercussions.

If Gen Z is sexually more reluctant than previous generations, a pandemic will end up supplying Gen Z with its own sexuality – with no shame and coercion and firmly in favour of the interactive.

In the end, it does not matter if what comes in a quarantine “in real life,” if it does not translate into daily eternity. It does not matter. The Gen Z cyber-sexual revolution may be physically stopped, but still, from being a free-love hedonism.

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