Joel Osteen Divorce

Joel Osteen Divorce
Joel Osteen Divorce

Joel Osteen Divorce is the best televised Christian Minister and Pastor who leads the Lackewood Church, one of the biggest Christian congregations, and was born on 5 March 1963 in Houston, Texas USA. He is also recognised as the bestseller of many Christian novels, of which “Your Best Life Now” is the most frequent. Want to know more about the career and family life of Joel? Stay tuned to find out about its sales and net worth if you are interested.

Did he get divorced with Victoria? Divorce Rumors

Since 1987, Joel Osteen Divorce has been one of the most famous Christian pastors, married to Victoria Osteen. In the ministry of the church, as the co-pastor with her husband, Victoria is also known as the best-selling author. In relation to divorce speculation, while they have been together for more than three decades, Joel and Victoria still seem to enjoy a happy marriage.

Early Life, Parents, Siblings and Education

Speaking of his early life, Joel Osteen Divorce lived in Houston with his father, John Osteen, the pastor of the Southern Baptist who founded Lakewod Church, and Dolores Ann Pilgrim, his mother who worked as a nurse, raised his sisters together. His mom is also famous for his memoir ‘If my heart could speak: a story about family, faith and wonders’ (2017). Lisa, Justin, Paul and Tamara, all committed members of the Christian ministry, are April’s daughters. As far as his education was concerned he went to the Humble High School and then went on to study radio and television communications at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma; but he did not complete his education.

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Career Beginnings

After the new year, Joel Osteen Divorce decided in 1982 to abandon his college and return to his home to assist his parents. Initially, he was the founder of the Lakewood ministry TV show, which his parents set up and hosted. His first speech was given on 17 January 1999, six months before his dad unexpectedly passed off from a heart attack, after which he was replaced by Joel, in the role of the daily preacher and by the end of the same year, and he was then inspired and encouraged by his father, Joel. He was named the Lakewood Church Senior Pastor. He represents his wife, Victoria, at the moment.

About the Lakewood Church

Joel’s father set up the Lakewood Church in Houston on 10 May 1959. The church had about 5,000 members under Joel’s father and became over time one of the fastest growing Churches. Now it is one of the largest Christian churches in the USA with a total of 52,000 adorers a week. Such as Kidslife for Girls, Lakewood Youth for high school students, Key Service for all adults, four English-language services and two Spanish services per week, it offers services that are contingent on the needs of its members. The Church was situated since 2005 in a 16,800-seat building, known as the Lakewood Church Central Campus at the former Compaq center of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Television and Radio Program

The weekly services of Lakewood Church can be seen on local networks, such as Daystar Television Network and Trinity Broadcasting Network, and on different national channels, including the United States Network, Freeform, and the Fox Network. The Church TV show, with over seven million viewers a week, is highly regarded in more than one hundred other countries around the world, adding greatly to Joel’s net worth. To talk more, on SiriusXM 128, satellite radio broadcasts its faith teachings 24 hours a day.

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Joel Osteen has been seriously criticized by social media sites during Hurricane Harvey in August 2017 for initial refusal to open the Lakewood Church (606,000 square foot) as a sanctuary for people who have been disaster displaced. He then said that because of the extreme floods the church was not accessible, and finally it was declared that it would be opened as a shelter, which was later celebrated by the City of Houston with the declaration of Lakewood Church Day.


Joel Osteen can also praise himself as an author, in addition to being a pastor. In October 2004, the New York Times Best Seller list was top of his first book entitled “Your Best Life Now – 7 Steps To Live At Your Full Power.” In October 2007, his second book “Become a Better You: Seven Keys to Enhance Your Life Every Day” was released and also the best seller list for New York Times, sold more than four million copies. Historical studies are: The strength of I Am: the twin words that will change your lives today (2015) and the most recent one, “Blessed in the darkness – how all things work for your good” (2017), all of which have increased your net worth in significant proportions. The books are “Hope For Today Bible” (2008), “Every day a Friday, how to be happy for 7 days a week” (2011).

Joel Osteen Net Worth and Assets

Since 1999, he began his career and has worked as a Christian pastor. Joel has however mentioned that his income comes not from the Church, but from the selling of his books the main source of his money. If you have ever wondered how wealthy Joel Osteen is, then the total value of his net value has been calculated to be more than 40 million dollars. He has a 17,000-ft mansion in River Oaks priced at more than $10.5 million and where he lives with his family, and a luxury yacht.

Why is he so beloved? Prosperity Gospel

One of the richest shepherds, Joel Osteen is also criticized by viewers for being based on the gospel of prosperity known as the gospel of health and wealth, a belief that people of faith and faith in God are enriched by material wealth in the present life. In some interviews, Joel said he had never preached about wealth, and he thought that the true success was a large family, safe and calm.


He’s blessed with two children by Joel and Victoria’s wife. In 1995 and four years later, they welcomed their first infant, Jonathan’s son, and gave birth to their second child, Alexandra. Both serve in the ministry of the family. Your son is a member of the family band, while your daughter sings in church TV.

Social Media Presence

Joel Osteen is involved in many of the most popular blogs on social media as well as his work. He uses them mostly to promote his forthcoming projects and books. Its official Instagram account has over 2,4 million followers and over 8,6 million followers its official Twitter account. More details is also available on his own website.

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