What To Look for In a Drug Treatment Center

Drug Treatment Center
Drug Treatment Center

If you’ve decided to enter a drug treatment center and live in a larger city, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the number of options for both outpatient and inpatient care. Luckily, there are some simple questions you can ask to discern whether a program is right for you after you’ve done a bit of research. Ultimately, choosing the right center may make your treatment more effective, so it’s important to find one you’re comfortable with.

You can start your search online by looking for treatment centers near me, perusing websites to read about programs if they also offer medication-assisted treatment for Alcohol help, and picking out a few promising centers to contact.

Here are some questions to ask the center:

  1. Are you accredited and by whom? 

Ask whether the treatment center has accreditations from The Joint Commission or The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Accreditations come from independent nonprofit organizations that certify the facility meets high performance standards. Also, any facility should have state licensing to operate.

  1. Who works at the treatment center, and what are their credentials?

When you search for “treatment centers near me,” you should learn about the credentials and licenses of the healthcare providers who provide the programming. Make sure they have the education and experience to provide the most effective care and that they are formally trained on any specific programs they claim to utilize.

Common overarching treatment programs include Twelve Step and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy because they’ve been proven to work. If your program bases their practice off something else, be sure to ask more about it.

  1. Are your programs multidisciplinary and how will you tailor them to me?

The best drug treatment programs provide many different modalities and mix them together in a customized treatment plan. The center should have specific individuals that specialize in medical care, psychiatry, psychology, wellness practices, and other holistic practices. Ask if the center can give examples of how they will assess your needs and customize their programs.

  1. Do you take my insurance and/or what do your payment plans look like?

When you search “treatment centers near me,” you will come up with many programs at different price points. You want to ensure you can afford treatment and still get the best possible care. Ask about insurance and payment plans and be wary of any facility that cannot give you straightforward cost estimates for their programs, even if the final bill might fall within a range.

Find the Best Program for You by Searching for “Treatment Centers Near Me”

When you search for “treatment centers near me” review the websites carefully for the length of the program, detoxification services, specialized programs, post-recovery support, and support to your family. Make your list of questions and ask to tour the facility if you’re planning to stay inpatient.

By taking the time to check the accreditations and credentials of the treatment center and staff, asking how your program will be tailored for you, and ensuring you understand your financial obligations, you’re already well on your way to assuring that you’ve chosen a quality program.

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