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Adam Henson
Adam Henson

The dad-of-two secured a spot in a contest and is now a business favorite.

The millions of people who are tuned in the Countryfile on Sunday nights are familiar to ADAM Henson.

But Adam is a farmer of over 50 flocks of rare livestock in the home of Cotswolds, which he regularly broadcasts, in addition to his television works. Everything you need to talk about him here is…

Who is Adam Henson?

Adam is a farmer, writer and TV presenter known for featuring in the Landfile of BBC One.

When he applied for membership, the dad of twos entered the show in 2001 and was selected from 3,500 contestants.

In December, after a creative segment in the rural show, Adam had visitors in hysterics.

He was a little sheepish in another unforgettable episode following losing control of his flock in the well-named Sheep Street of Stratford-on-Avon.

Adam runs Cotswold Farm Park with his television work Pal Duncan Andrews, which has over 50 unusual animal race flocks.

Who is Adam Henson’s wife?

Adam lives in Gloucestershire’s Bemborough Farm, where Adam was born with his wife Charlie Gilbert and their daughter Ella and his son Alfie.

He and Charlie aren’t together, but from school they met everyone else.

Adam is loyal to his family and has opened up his sadness after his father’s death in 2015.

The Guardian said It was my rock right from my first days, my mentor, my hero. He told The Guardian.

“It’s no exaggeration to say he taught me virtually all I know about farming and television.”

What is Cotswold Farm Park?

The attraction was the first domestic rare farm to be open for the public, and Adam and his three sisters grew up with their dad.

The Cheltenham site was launched in 1971 and now visits 70,000 a year, and the year’s Farm Attraction won in 2014.

Adam said that a flock of sheep is knocking his first rural experience.

What books has Adam Henson written?

Two books on his life in farming have been written by Adam – the Countryfile: Adam’s Farm: My Land Life of 2011 and Like Farmer Like Son of 2016.

Adam said he would like him to enjoy reading more in spite of his literary efforts.

“I don’t really read well,” he said to The Express. “I don’t think that I’m mildly dyslexic.

What other TV shows has Adam Henson appeared in?

For some of the BBC’s Nigel and Adam’s farm kitchen, Adam – who has been called a sex icon – joined hands with Chef Nigel Slater.

Gardener’s World Live was also seen today and Radio 4’s Farming was shown.

After taking rare cows to appear in the film, Adam appeared in 1995 shortly in Braveheart with Mel Gibson.

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Adam Henson: Countryfile host ‘jumped at chance’ of new move away from TV ‘Huge void’

After appearing in the BBC show from 2001 in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, ADAM HENSON, a farmer and presenter at Cotsvolds’s Country File, has been open to his latest step away from TV.

Adam Henson, 54, who joined the BBC show for the first time 19 years ago, spoke about the latest exciting venture he has done away with his presentation and farming tasks. When the opportunity arrived, the farmer said he “jumped at the chance” and said he is “very passionate about education.

Adam will release for “budding farmers and animal-lovers” a new children’s book entitled A Year on Adam’s Farm.

The book is for fun and education as well as a “fascinating” non-fiction read for families.

Adam revealed why he had his sights set for next spring to write a children’s book.

“So I’m very passionate about educating people about where their food comes from,” he started.

“So they can choose what to eat in an educated way.

“And I think over the years, we have as individuals and as the general public, all lost touch somewhat with food production.”

He further explains: “This is partially due to the unprecedented accessibility of food from superstructures, but also because the agricultural industry has produced and transmitted what we produce.

Adam hopes to teach young people on the development of food to fill the “huge void of knowledge” in this region.

“Now it’s much better, or definitely in the last three decades it’s getting far much better than it’s ever been before.

“But there’s still a huge void of knowledge.”

“I’ve written a couple of books, adult books, and Penguin publishing asked me whether I’d like to write a sort of fun but an educational book about a year on the farm and I jumped at the chance.” He added.

The first of Adams is Countryfile: The Adams Farm: My Land Life, released in 2011. This will be Adams 6th novel.

The stardom told its followers how “delighted” it was in September to announce the news.

In addition to a glance at the box he told his 24.000 followers on Instagra: “I am pleased to announce that A Year on Adam’s Farm, my first children’s book, will be released next spring!

“Discover from what food is coming, raise up the flap to find unbelievable farming evidence inside a hybrid harvester.

He quickly comments upon his update, Rachel Saunders, who illustrated Adam’s book.

“This is so arousing news. It was a “udder” dream for me to illustrate your book.”

“I hope that children and adults!) have as much fun exploring your farm as I had drawing it You were great to work with @adamhenson_.”

One fan also responded, “Brilliant idea @adamhenson_ I’ll definitely order a copy.”

Adam Henson wife: Who is Adam Henson’s wife Charlotte?

ADAM HENSON has been a Countryfile fan favorite so who is the wife of the presenter?

In 2001 after winning a national competition to host the well-loved farming show, AdamHenson, 54, joined the Countryfile team first. Since then Adam’s million of fans who score every Sunday night have been a favorite for the show.

Multitude may know that Adam is the first rare breeding center in the country because he was working at his farm in Cotswolds on TV.

Adam has been reported on his farm to care for more than 50 herds of British livestock.

In 1971, his dad, Joe Henson, founded the farm park, but later, Adam took over the farm in 1999.

More than 70,000 visitors are now said to receive this park each year and the Farm of the Year was granted in 2014.

Adam Henson: Countryfile host announces big career move away from TV roles

ADAM HENSON – the one best known for hosting the BBC Countryfile – revealed the major career movement it is “delighted” with on Instagram.

Adam Henson, a 54-year-old country file presenter who broke into the TV in 2001, updated fans on his career today, announcing a new and exciting venture on Instagram. He was pleased to share his news before 2021, said the BBC star.

Adam shared a sneak glimpse at his latest book cover with 24,000 followers and proof of that will be published by next spring.

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It’s said that the book is one for both “budding farmers and animal-lovers”

It is a “fascinating” non-fiction for families as well as for entertainment and education.

“I’m pleased to say, A Year on Adam’s Farm, my first child’s book, will be published in the coming Spring!

“Discover where food comes from, lift-the-flap to see inside a combine harvester and uncover incredible farming facts.”

“Find out more and preorder through the connection in my bio! He concluded: @ rashell’s @puffinbooksuk.”

Many Countryfile fans hurried to share their thoughts on his latest project just a little while before.

One wrote: “Brilliant idea @adamhenson_ I’ll definitely order a copy.”

Rachel Saunders also weighed on his update, explaining Adam’s novel, to share his enthusiasm.

“This is such exciting news! Illustrating your book was a ‘udder’ dream for me.”

“I hope that children and adults!) have as much fun exploring your farm as I had drawing it You were great to work with @adamhenson_.”

A third fan said The word ‘facts’ leapt out A third fan commented.

It all comes after the fact that Adam gave his fans a glimpse of his home life when he revealed his “new arrival”

A snap from a black-haired cow, called Prince, was revealed by the Countryfile star, saying hello to a fluffy brun.

Adam had written: “Prince, yesterday evening, born to a new arrival!”

Adam urged people elsewhere to stay in the UK in anticipation of this summer on their vacations.

“So many parts of the UK are truly beautiful,” he says at The Evening Standard.

“I still say, ‘There’s no place like home’ when people ask what is my favorite part of anything.

“Fresh air and gorgeous open spaces… The overhead swallows and in the background the cows mooing.”

It was concluded: “It’s a real privilege to live among it – and now everyone else can get back to coming to share and enjoy the wide-open spaces, and help us to support rare breeds conservation and farming in the process.”

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Who is Adam Henson’s wife?

Since their youth, Adam and long-standing girlfriend Charlotte, whom Adam calls Charlie, have been together.

The pair are not together, but Ella, who is in their early twenties, and Alfie, who is seventeen, have two children together.

For his appearance on Countryfile, Adam credited his wife Charlotte previously to say she “nagged” to apply for the contest.

The Mirror, Adam explains, “Countryfile searched the host and my girlfriend pissed me off as she figured I would be really nice, but I did not have to bother.

“I ended up getting the job after several auditions.

“In the beginning, I only worked once a month, but the numbers for the audience were up to six million when they went to prime time.

Adam continued by saying how his farm still sees its key focus.

Adam added: “I’m just going to get back to being a farmer if the BBC chucks me in the bin—which they can make sooner or later.

Adam also addressed how he was taken away from his family and his farm by his job at Countryfile.

Adam said last year when I talked to Express.co.uk: “My only drawback was that I am a lot away.

‘Two days in the week I’m filming and that’s taking me away from the family and the farm.

Adam clarified that while the work does have its benefits, it also takes it away more than he likes.

The presenter said While the UK meets farmers and finds out about interesting enterprises is a very pleasurable task, the downside is that it is more than I’d ideally like to take home.

Though thankful, Adam added that he had no desire to try a career later on in television.

He said I’m not going to last forever on TV, and I’m just going back to being a farmer once I’m dropped in my bottle.

Discover a forgotten British heritage.

It’s something in Adam Henson’s blood that preserves and encourages the native rare races of the UK. In 1973, his father Joe created the Rare Breeds Trust, which was a main attraction at the Cotswold Farm Park and has always been a part of Henson’s family history since that period.

Adam Henson makes a very personal journey around the nation in A Breed Aparty and discovers the animals which formed our lives and our land over the centuries. Aman traverses the length and breadth of the British isles, uncovers the history of these ancient animals, meets specialists and farmers who love their care and shares his expectations on the future of the Cotswolds, from perfect poster card Highland Cows to Cotswolds, from the terrible Manx Loagthan Ram and Ulsters White Pig.

This is British history, informed by the indigenous races who nurtured and nurtured the nation.

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Everything you’ve wanted to know about Countryfile’s Adam Henson

This is the story about England, told through the native races that have nurtured and nurtured the nation. Find out 12 fun facts about country file Adam Henson and why Iceland is on his travel bucket list, from which animal he would like to be.

  1. Adam’s blood is farming. He was brought up on a farm and Adam and his three sisters mucked in when his father opened Cotswold Farm Park in 1971. A flock of sheep is distracting his first rural memory.
  2. The first agricultural rare breeding center in the country was Cotswold Farm Park. It is now visited by 70,000 a year and won Farm Attraction of the year in 2014.
  3. Adam completed a year of farm work at Chatsworth Estate and then obtained an HND in Agriculture and its management at the Seale-Hayne Agriculture College in Devon after completing school.
  4. For more than a year Adam traveled with good friend Duncan Andrews to Australia and a Kiwi Plantation, to raise money to go for the Grand Barrier Reef to plunge on. Adam worked at arable and sheep farms. The two of them flew back to Canada and California. Duncan is Adam’s associate decades later, living on the Cotswold Farm Park with him.
  5. Although the agriculture in their blood is still very much linked to TV and theater by Adam’s family. His grandfather Leslie was a comic, his father Joe and Angela Rippon and Phil Drabble presented a rural show. Uncle Nick Henson of Adam appeared for example in Fawlty Towers and Morse Inspector.
  6. Two daughters, Ella and Alfie have Adam and his partner, and they believe that their growth in this country is a brilliant childhood.
  7. Adam received the Champion of the Year Award from Farmers Weekly in 2010. He was described as an untiring British farming ambassador.
  8. Adam’s farm is a rare breed conservation leader in Cotswold, which preserves rare animal herds including Gloucester Old Spot pigs and Highland bovine animals.
  9. There are now three canine accompanying dogs, who love the family. Adam says without them he can’t imagine living. He also said that because of their faithful, hard worked and caring disposition, if he were to be an animal, he would be a dog.
  10. Adam enjoyed pottery as a child and even dreamed of a future.
  11. Eleven. Adam’s list includes a visit to the Galapagos Isles, a visit to Iceland with northern lights and an orca pod.
  12. Adam’s earlier fame claim appeared in Mel Gibson’s Oscar-winning braveheart before his TV career started. He went to the Great Glen for two English longhorns and appeared briefly in the scene where the body of William Wallace’s dad was brought home.

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