Dreamhost Review 2021: Does it offer 100% uptime?


Dreamhost Review 2021

Many web providers on the internet provide

 different types of services to businesses and organizations.

It is upto you to select the best web host for your business.

In this article, we are going to talk about this web host that

is known as Dreamhost. I know you have heard many things about it

, but let’s go ahead and get even more knowledge.

The items that we are going to look at are the features, pros, cons

, pricing and plans of Dreamhost.

Make sure you read carefully before purchasing any WebHost.The

the decision you make will have different impacts on business.

 So choose carefully to prevent you from making the worst mistake

of your life.

Now, let us know the history of Dreamhost

About DreamHost

Summary of Dreamhost history

TypePrivate company
IndustryWebhosting service, cloud computing service, cloud storage service, and domain name registrar
FoundedApril 10,1996,Claremont,California U.S
HeadquartersBrea, California U.S
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleJosh jones,Dallas Bethune,Rodriquez,Sage weil,brett dunst
productsWeb and cloud services

Features of DreamHost

When you buy Dreamhost, you will find that it has several abridged valuable futures. This kind of feature can enhance your website and make it more intuitive and straightforward. Managing your business can be easier to operate when you make it to be your first choice.

We have the standard features of Dreamhost below;

Free domain

Dream host will never charge you for a domain name. It will always

provide the name for free. In addition to that, if you ever need to host

your site elsewhere. All you will need to do is to update or change

the servers.

Free SSL certificate

Never fear data breaches and customer worry because you get a free SSL certificate with every host site.

Website builder

In case you have not yet selected your small business site builder. You don’t have to worry about that; there is an internal small business site builder in dream host. It comes in with many themes to customize your site features and only the drag and drop technique.

One-click installation

Getting started has been made easier for you. You can do it with just one click. Thanks to various app integrations.

 Word Press sync

Dreamhost is one of the largest open source content management systems. It’s effortless to sync DreamHost to your existing WordPress site. This is done by using File Transfer Protocol (FTP), with which, in one click, you migrate content immediately.

 Auto backups

Safeguarding your data is better than losing little money. Never worry about losing website data since DreamHost automatically backs up your site every day while giving you insight into your site data.


Now what you have been looking for and yarning to know the truth about it. It’s a rarity to find a hosting company that will provide a genuine 100% uptime guarantee. Dreamhost makes sure that it has fed it to you.

Through the use of numerous data center locations to handle the load and any threats interruption, redundant cooling, backup generators, and continuous server monitoring, DreamHost keeps your website functioning all the time.

If your website loses connection, in which dream host makes sure it does not, you are compensated for your loss.

Impressive money-back guarantee

Dream host puts more effort into ensuring that it provides good hosting services to keep your website running.

All shared hosting plans come with a 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and all DreamPress plans come with 30-Day Money-Back Guarantees.

This is extraordinary, seeing as even InMotion’s 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee can’t even compete. And most other hosting providers only give you 30 or 45 days to cancel if not satisfied.

The benefit of doing this is that the dream host wants to build trust in its customers. Thus working for long with its customers.

Let’s look at dream host plans and pricing.

In case you’re searching for your first-ever web hosting provider or looking to switch to a new one, the decision-making process can be mindblowing. Choosing from all of the plans and prices out there starts to feel like staring at a menu with too many decisions – finally, you want to choose what you think is best for your business.

The best way to do it is to read each option well while taking your time.

This will enable you to make an informed decision instead of jumping into


As we had previously said, the best option for you can be Dreamhost. We’ve already reviewed it in full. This article will get into the details of DreamHost’s different pricing options.

The table below shows the hosting plan and prices.

Hosting PlanBasic/monthBetter/monthBest/monthUltimate/month
3 Year$2.59$5.95*N/AN/A
3 Years$10.00$20.00$40.00$80.00

Starter Shared Hosting plan

 If you only own one website, this plan is best for you. This is because it comes with everything that you want to start and run your website, including unlimited storage and bandwidth.

 If you plan to start a hobby website, you are at the right place. This is the cheapest plan in town.


  • Pricing & Plan Simplicity                                   
  • Core & Developer Feature Set
  • (Nearly) Full Spectrum of Hosting Services
  • Customer Support & Transparency
  • Improved Performance
  • Free privacy policy
  • Automated backups
  • Independent & Employee Owned
  • Powerful one-click installer
  • Free domain
  • Free email address
  • Advanced ease to use control panel


Lack of Apps & Auto-Installs


No Phone Support

Custom Backend

Dream Host Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an address, or URL, of your website. For example, ‘dreamhost.com‘ is a domain name.

Do I need to register a domain name?

Yes, you need one. But this should not worry you anymore. Dreamhost provides you with a free subdomain name.

For example.Dreamhosters.com.

Should I register my domain with “www” in front?

The answer is a no. That is because the www is not even a part of

a domain name.


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