Guidelines for Peaceful living

Peaceful living
Peaceful living

Guidelines for Peaceful living. Human life is a constant struggle that lasts until the last breath. All human effort is subject to his ideas. Below are some important practical guidelines that have the potential to have a direct impact on human life by changing ideas.

Ethical principles of subsistence

Dogs roam the streets fighting for their rights, hunger and survival. But the distinguishing feature of man is that he does not deviate from the basic moral principles under any circumstances. That is, he does not oppress in response to oppression, he does not kill truth in response to destruction, he does not use immorality in response to sin. Never do wrong for the sake of your right. While living on the truth, if the truth is found, then it is fine, otherwise leave the truth. Because the unconditional justice of nature reaches to this mound of dust under which one day man has to die and be buried. Never forget the power to fight for truth or to snatch truth.

The philosophy of power

Strength is merely the name of opportunity and ability to take advantage of weakness, otherwise wealth and power are not the name of strength at all. The weakness of the enemy, the opportunity provided by the situation and your ability to take advantage of that opportunity, all three give rise to strength. That is why the weak are never always weak and the power of the strong never lasts. Weaknesses are present in everyone, almost everyone is equipped with potential, but things keep changing. So the change of circumstances is the real power and the real source of the power to change the situation. So never use your power cruelly, because things change.

Contentment and generosity

Every glass of the world, when filled it overflows. When the lion’s stomach is full, he gladly leaves his prey for the vultures and his disciples. As the water continues to flow down the slope, it slowly begins to irrigate the heights, even boiling down to dirty sewers in the abundance of rain. Look around you and you will see contentment and generosity in everything in the world. Every particle of the universe begins to fulfill the need of another after fulfilling its own need, but the case of Man is quite the opposite. Its “need” goes two steps further than its “gain” and its “gain” revolves only around its “need”. If you can’t be better than human beings like you, then at least try to be like plants, animals and inanimate objects. Get in the habit of sharing, at least when you’re full, if you’re a human being.

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When people start obeying you, when people start hoping for you, when people start praising you, when people start listening to you carefully, then people will look very small. Mania will begin to prevail. You will forget to take the initiative in greeting. There Peaceful living will be shame in doing many things. Denial will start to hurt unbearably. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. The greatness of one’s caste will begin to exceed the limit. Disagreement will bite the God within you. You will completely fall prey to some of the worst claims and arrogance will be ingrained in your veins. In that case, Allah will send His wrath upon you, to tell you that far more despicable insects than other human beings have tore your fragrant shroud and fill your stomach with your foul-smelling flesh. If you want to survive, always remember that every ability, every blessing, every opportunity is ordained by nature. You have nothing

 Solar eclipse

Even though the moon is 400 times smaller than the sun, it prevents its light from reaching you just because it is about 400 times closer to you than the sun. There are so many small obstacles inside you, around you that have hidden great truths from you and prevented the light of guidance from reaching you. After the eclipse, when the moon moves away from you and the sun, try to drop a few walls. You may see what you haven’t seen or didn’t want to see.

 The purpose of life

If you are not worried about how your children get to eat tomorrow. You have beautiful clothes for your children. You are satisfied that no one can take the roof off your head. You have no fear that if the children get sick, how will they be treated? You are easily providing quality education to your children. And you are so conscious that you know how to train the best children. So understand that your purpose in life is to serve humanity. The Peaceful living lowest form of which is that you think of those who are thirsty for the bread. Whose bodies are nothing but rags. Who do not have a permanent roof to live on. Who die in agony at the hands of treatment. Those who are not fortunate enough to acquire knowledge, and those who are deprived of the wealth of consciousness. Otherwise, since the creation of the world, the work of giving birth to children and raising them to have children and to make them worthy of raising and dying has been done by animals in the best possible way.

People, issues and expectations

The day you start dealing with people’s knowledge, family background and their compulsions, the day your grievances will end. Some people will fall in love with you and some will look at you with pity. Helping all such people, not oppressing them and not treating them rudely. The people who are left behind are naturally bad natured, beware of them. Fortunately, if anyone survives, he is certainly sympathetic to you, appreciating him.

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Lows and highs

Do you know what depth of a slope is, pour a little water and they immediately tell you. Perfection is in finding heights. It is easy to identify the wrong person who has fallen short of the standard. The real skill is to find the right person at the highest level, especially in times of famine when deception is rampant.

And there should be a tradition of suspicion. But Peaceful living people who are addicted to looking for faults never find the right person. Such disgusting people always fall on the slopes. Look for strengths in people so that you can reach heights, because heights are recognized by reaching heights.

Trials, sacrifices and success

There is no calamity that will destroy you completely before you die. No matter how difficult it may be, there is always room for success. Peaceful living failure is the destiny of only those who are afraid to offer the blood of sacrifice to trials. Remember! Every hour of sorrow, pain, distress and hardship demands its share from your life and your caste. On the way to success, you have to pay a ransom for your pieces here and there and then only those who know how to be torn apart reach the destination. Yes, if the unity of one’s existence is dear, then the very first stumbling block of circumstances piles up man.

Time limit

Everyone is running on timeline. But how long this deadline will go? Nature always meets the requirements of justice and warns in three ways before the deadline expires. Indications of situation, invisible feeling, strong cry of conscience. The pious souls will Peaceful living nature’s warning and these signs, while the devilish people think that nature has caught them suddenly and has not given them a chance to recover. If the burden of conscience has suddenly increased on you, small troubles have begun to befall you and the unknown fear of destruction has begun to haunt you, then come back, proving that you are of sound nature, before you turn around.

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