How old do you have to be to Rent a Car

How old do you have to be to Rent a Car
How old do you have to be to Rent a Car

How old do you have to be to Rent a Car? A car is rented at a minimum age of 25. However, the majority of car rental companies allow drivers under 25 to rent a car with a minimum fee. The youngest legal age for renting a car is 18 years old and depends on the location.

Some rental companies will also have an age limit, so renters of more than 70 years of age should check with the rental company whether an additional fee is paid or not.

Lease cars for those under the age of 25 can be obtained by most leasing companies if these drivers can supply the necessary information and a credit card. However, when renting a car they are usually required to pay a young driver’s surcharge and may rent only smaller or lower class cars.

How to Rent a Car If You’re Under 25

Although many rental firms will allow younger drivers between the ages of 21-24 years, drivers will almost always have to have a valid conductor licence for a certain period of time, to ensure that their cars have the experience of driving safely, with usual additional insurance costs being covered. Statistically speaking, drivers under the age of 25 are more at risk for an accident, so this fee offsets additional risks for the car rental providers. How old do you have to be to Rent a Car?

Rental car sizes can also affect age constraints, as many companies do not allow younger drivers to rent luxurious cars or larger cars at an additional charge. Avis and Thrifty, for example, will not allow drivers under 25 to rent cars, SUVs, minivans or passenger transport vehicles in full or premium size, whereas it will vary depending on where the renters have their car in sixt or dollar terms. How old do you have to be to Rent a Car?

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Our advice to browse the rental location to check the age limits as some car rental companies do not charge a fee for young drivers in some countries. Note also that renters who are members of AAA or USAA and US government employees who rent during government office enterprises are exempting the young driver’s fee. How old do you have to be to Rent a Car?

Rental Car Types: What Can I Book?

There are a wide range of famous brands and car rental types, so you can choose the right mode of transport for yourself. Whether you’re after a compact, environmentally friendly vehicle on your city trip or a sturdy SUV for those epic routes through beautiful sights, there’s a wide variety of vehicles to fit. How old do you have to be to Rent a Car?

A number of personal factors will affect the type of vehicle you choose, including:

• The number of people with whom you have travelled;

• Whether you are driving through a city or rustic countryside;

• The type of journey you are doing;

• Whether your age limits the recruitment of premium and luxury cars;

• Your budget for your journey.

If you’re on a special, romantic city tour, you could choose a luxurious car and have a budget to enjoy really. If you drive on a coastal road with a panoramic view, a convertible can make the journey more memorable. In the meantime, minivans are going to be useful in a big and exciting holiday for families or friends. How old do you have to be to Rent a Car?

Rental Car Sizes

Your budget and the size of your party are key to your choices. A wide selection of car rental sizes can be found in various price ranges. Here are some of the most popular options.


Go with your important other on a city trip? Look at a compact car. Its size makes it possible to slip into busy urban areas in tight car parks. It’s also enough room to comfortably store a few cases. Your fuel costs should be also less because you have a less engine and a lighter framework.


An affordable car could be ideal if you keep a close eye on your costs during your trip, but do not want to sacrifice too much space in your legroom and baggage. You will have the reassurance of fuel efficiency that saves you when you fill up the tank, while accommodating a family or small group of friends comfortably for shorter and longer journeys.

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If you want a little bit more than an economical car but don’t want to go too big, you should consider a medium-sized car rental. The best of both worlds is here: satisfying legroom, more room to store baggage, and good fuel savings. It ticks the city yellow boxes and drives in a relaxed way. How old do you have to be to Rent a Car?


Traveling with a group and considering a longer route? Rental cars of full size can be right for you. These types of cars are ideal for highway excursions, whether you are on a great family adventure or business trip across different cities, and offer plenty of space for all passengers to relax. They are also good for small groups, which provide a children’s seat with ample room.

No matter what you are tempted to do, you realise that different types of car rental have certain codes. These are referred to as ACRISS codes and are used by leaseholders to classify vehicles according to their properties.

It is helpful because, in general, when making a reservation with a rental company, you cannot request a particular car model. Instead, at the time of booking, you will select a particular category of vehicle and then have that ACRISS code in place for you.

Every ACRISS code consists of 4 numbers. These are as follows:

• E for Economy and P for Premium category, for example;

• Type, such as 2-3 door B, and convertible T;

• For instance M for handling and A for automatic transmission;

• Fuel / Air conditioning, H for hybrid / air, C for electric / no air, among other things.

To show how this works in reality, let’s say that through a car hire company you were going to choose a “Vauxhall Corsa or similar vehicle.” You may not necessarily be given a Vauxhall Corsa upon your arrival at the pickup point. The leasing agency will endeavour to supply a vehicle with the same ACRISS code, in this case an ECMR, which refers to a 2-4-door Economy car, hand-held transmission and air conditioning. Whether you weigh an economy against a compact car, or take various sizes into consideration, your decision will ensure that you have a set of wheels that meet your specific requirements.

This guide provided accurate information at the time it was published, but may be changed in any case. For the latest information, please check your company’s terms.

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